KGF 2 movie review : This is how you create a BLOCKBUSTER!!!

KGF 2 movie review : This is how you create a BLOCKBUSTER!!!
KGF was a big hit at the box office. This gave Yash a new lease of stardom and the wait for KGF 2 got heated up. After getting delayed for a year due to Covid, the film is now playing in theaters. Let's analyze it here.
KGF 2 plot
Rocky ends the rule of Garuda and takes over KGF. He is now the supreme power but does not know that he has to handle a deadly goon called Adheera(Sanjay Dutt) who is also eyeing KGF. The war between Rocky and Adheera starts to happen and in the meantime, the prime minister of India(Raveena Tandon) comes to know about the illegal mining game of Rocky. So, she gets into the picture and plots the downfall of Rocky. How will Rocky manage these two forces is the story of KGF 2.
Sanjay Dutt is doing a negative role after a long time and he is damn good in KGF 2. Be it his look, dialogue delivery and sheer screen presence, no one other than Sanjay Dutt would have done justice to this role. Raveena Tandon gets a good role after a long time and credit should go to Prashanth Neem for showcasing her in such a splendid manner. She aces the role of a prime minister and the way she takes on Yash was too good to see in the film.
Srinidhi Shetty looked beautiful and also got a good role with a few emotions in the end. Last but not the least, what can we say about Yash, he has lived the role of Rocky and is a mass hero for the next few years. He as the evil businessman in the mining world is amazing from the world go. His mass dialogues, the angry young man looks and screen presence are top notch. Yash has delivered a knockout punch with the film.
KGF 2 has been mounted on a huge scale and the money spent shows in every scene. The camera work by Gowda and the texture that he has used to show the mining setup itself gives the film a new look. Ravi Basur is the unsung hero of the film as his music and especially BGM are to die for. His score elevates the film and gives the fans so many whistle worthy moments. 
The writing is taut and it is the screenplay of Neel that gives the film a fresh approach. The drama is very good and the second half is racy with good action, drama and emotion. The make up, sets used and production design are the best in recent times. But the one who takes away the cake is director Prashanth Neel who plans, executes and makes KGF 2 such a spectacle.
KGF 2 is the sequel to KGF and all those who watched the first part would surely be excited to see what Yash has in store for us in the second part. Director Neel does not waste any time and takes us into the world of KGF which is now run by Rocky Bhai. The aspect which keeps the fans in a thrilling mood is the elevation scenes created by the director. Right from Yash, to Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon, each of the characters gets their due.
The film is filled with so much action that the masses will love it. Such action stuff was missing from the Indian scene for some time now but KGF 2 makes sure that it has it all. The first half is all about character intros and setting up the plot. The moment Raveen Tandon enters the scene, things light up and there is sensational drama that is shown.
The last half an hour and how Yash goes about doing things are shown superbly by Neel. The way Yash's role ended is also thought of properly. KGF 2 has so many good moments that one forgets to keep track of it and the special aspect is that everything is done in a proper flow and entertains the fans.
Final Words

KGF 2 is a film that has been made for the love of the masses. There is drama, action, dialogue baazi and terrific visuals only enhance the proceedings. Box office wise, this film will create new numbers for a south film. Yash is going to be a big star now and Prashanth Neel is the director to watch out for. This is a big screen experience and one should watch it to enjoy the sheer madness that masala Indian cinema is all about.

Rating : 4.5/5

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