Leo movie review: Vijay and Lokesh combo plus Sanjay Dutt’s Tamil debut is the action masala you want

Leo movie review: Vijay and Lokesh combo plus Sanjay Dutt’s Tamil debut is the action masala you want

Leo movie review: Vijay and Lokesh combo plus Sanjay Dutt’s Tamil debut is the action masala you want

What: Leo - is one of the most awaited films in the south as Vijay has teamed up with director Lokesh Kanagaraj for the first time in his career. The film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Arjun, and Trishna in key roles and has been released today. Let's review it here.

Leo movie synopsis

In Theog, Himachal Pradesh, Parthiban, portrayed by Thalapathy Vijay, leads an ordinary life with his wife Satya (Trisha), and their two children. However, their tranquil existence is disrupted when a group of thugs targets Parthiban's cafe, threatening the lives of his daughter and a co-worker. Left with no other recourse, Parthiban is compelled to defend his family by taking the assailants' lives. Amidst the chaos, Parthiban's life takes an unexpected turn as he crosses paths with the menacing gangsters Antony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun). Strangely, they are convinced that Parthiban is none other than their missing family member, Leo Das, who also happens to be Thalapathy Vijay. The mystery deepens as questions arise about the true identity of Leo Das.


Leo movie review

Leo is the latest film in the Lokesh Kanagaraj Universe and he has set up the story in the best way possible. The connection between the characters is also fine and he showcases Vijay like never before in different roles. Story wise, the plot is simple but the characters and their backstories are what makes things interesting in this film. The interval block, while decent, effectively paves the way for an intriguing second half.


Leo boasts impressive action sequences and striking cinematography that enhance the overall visual appeal.  As the story progresses, the movie gains momentum in the pre-climax and climax segments, providing moments of excitement for fans, especially those invested in the larger cinematic universe (LCU). And, to top it off, the film concludes with a surprising twist.


The pacing is again slow post the interval mark, with nothing much happening storywise. But a few moments keep the film going until the commencement of the flashback portion, which takes down the movie.


The emotional scenes that were meant to evoke strong feelings fall short of their intended impact. Furthermore, certain minutiae like critical newspaper clippings and inscriptions on a photo frame remained in Tamil, and these small details can indeed make a noticeable difference. Having said that Leo is not the best work of Lokesh Kanagaraj but still has some masala moments that will satisfy the fans and action movie lovers.


Vijay is not just a charismatic star but also a talented actor, and this is superbly showcased in his role as Leo. Vijay's performance complemented the well-executed action sequences, ensuring an engaging viewing experience. Trisha delivers a commendable performance in her role. Sanjay Dutt makes his Tamil debut with this film and he was amazing as the main villain. His body language and dubbing are also handled well. Arjun plays one of the key roles and he is shown in a good way. But having said that, the writing is weak in the second half. the roles of these two actors become a bit dull in a few areas.


Thaman has composed the music for this film and his songs are ordinary but he has given his best work with a thumping music score in the film. His BGM elevates most of the scenes in a solid manner and Thaman breathes life into the narrative. The camera work is amazing and showcases the fight sequences in a very solid manner. The dialogues are massy and the production design is superb. The Kashmir visuals and the fights choreographed are just amazing in the film. The second half feels a bit lengthy.


Rating : 3/5

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