Mastaney movie review: Great Story Of Sikhisim Glory For Everyone

Mastaney movie review: Great Story Of Sikhisim Glory For Everyone

Mastaney movie review: Great Story Of Sikhisim Glory For Everyone

What: Mastaney – Sharan Art (National award for Rabb Da Radio 2) fame director brings the fearless valour and incredible power of The Ardas (Punjabi prayer in Sikhism) in an epic salute to the divine power of Khalsa.

Mastaney movie synopsis

Its 1739, The ruthless Nader Shah (Rahul Dev) is spreading his deadly clutches in North India. After defeating Muhammad Shah and returning back with many slaves and heavy ornaments, money etc. One-night Nader Shah’s army convoy is brutally attacked by a faction of rebellious Sikhs. The furious Nader Shah seeks assistance from Lahore governor, Zakariya Khan (Avtar Gill). Zakariya Khan on advice from his cunning Wazir (Arif Zakaria) decides to arrange four kalakars (artiste) by offering lots of money to enact as Sikhs. The kalakars are supposed to appear as real Sikhs and bow in the honour of Nader Shah.

The Kalakars are petty thief’s, robbers, con artiste and a fakir. Bashir (Karamjit Anmol), Zulfi (Honey Mattu), Feena (Baninder Bunny), Qalandar (Gurpreet Ghuggi), and Zahoor (Tarsem Jassar).

In an unexpected turn of events, these petty criminals on the pretext of turning into real Sikhs transform into something unbelievable that shakes the Kingdom of Nadir Shah upside down, making way for the first rule of Sikh Empire in Hindustan.



Mastaney movie review

Mastaney movie review

Ambitiously mounted, with fantastic VFX, superb production designs, Mastaney is an achievement in Punjabi cinema’s epic story telling with such a grand scale and canvas speaking about the splendour that will make the Bansali’s and Rajamouli’s take a serious note.

Through a fictional story Sharan Art achieves the rare feat of making the audience feel the power of the great Sikhisim glory. The story brings forward the enlightening knowledge derived from the teachings of warrior Sikh gurus like Guru Hargobind Singh, Guru Teg Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh.

How the five commoners/petty thief that includes a fakir in Qalandar (Gurpreet Ghuggi) rise to the occasion is a spectacle any cinelover should not missed. The action is terrific and the last 25 minutes are sheer Goosebumps.

The characterisation, the scene development, give the character the required arc, the five commoners are in fact metaphor of five K’s in Sikhisim – Kara,

Kesh, Kanga, Kachha and Kirpan.


Tarsem adapts the Captain Jack Sparrow style played by Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean to a fabulous effect.

Ghuggi is outstanding as a knowledgably Fakir who has some secrets hidden.

Bashir (Karamjit Anmol), Zulfi (Honey Mattu) and Feena (Baninder Bunny) are entertaining to the core.

Rahul Dev as Nader Shah is perfect.

Arif Zakaria as Wazir leaves his mark

The veteran Avtar Gill as Zakariya Khan is fabulous.

Simi Chahal's as Zahoor's love interest has her moments.

Mastaney final words

Mastaney is an achievement, a celebration of Punjabi cinema on a grand scale. Sharan Art has made another bid for the National awards after Rabb Da Radio 2. Mastaney is a must for not only for every Sikh, it’s worth a dekho and samjho for every Indian, every Human.

Going with a deserving 4 stars for Mastaney.





Rating : 4/5

Director :
Actress :

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