ET movie review: Suriya is top notch

ET movie review: Suriya is top notch

ET - Evariki Talavanchadu movie review : Suriya is topnotch 

What: Suriya is a big star in the south and whenever he comes up with a new film, there is an festive atmosphere created all around. He is now ready with his new film Evariki Talavanchadu in Telugu - Etharkkum Thunindhavan in Tamil released today. Let's analyze Evariki Talavanchadu in Telugu here.

ET - Evariki Talavanchadu movie synopsis

Krishna Mohan (Suriya) is a lawyer who helps the needy. But his own village has issues with the adjoining village and one man in particular named Kamesh (Vinay Rai). When Krishna Mohan is all set to get married to his love Adira(Priyanka Mohan) news comes out that Kamesh has trapped all the girls in his village and made adult videos with them. Left with no choice, Krishna Mohan embarks on a journey of busting this nexus and save the innocent women of his village. How will he do this is the storyline of ET.





ET - Evariki Talavanchadu movie review


Suriya emotes a lot through his eyes and is superb as a socially responsible lawyer. All his fans - waiting to see him in a mass avatar will be thrilled with his action and mass elements. Suriya's emotional scenes with his wife are very good.

Priyanka Mohan is the female lead and she has nothing much to do in the first half as her romantic track with Suriya is dull. But in the second half, shocking twist happens with her and her performance is amazing during this time.

Once a chocolate hero, Vinay Rai plays a baddie and he is pretty impressive. Baahubali fame Satyaraj is okay and his wife played by Saranya is very good. Her comedy timing is unique. The rest of the supporting cast are passable.


ET has a very burring issue as it's backdrop. The manner in which young girls get cheated on social media is the basic theme. The writing part is pretty good but the execution was dull in a few places.

Immam has scored the music and more than his songs, his BGM is far better. The camera work nearly showcases the village backdrop and how the people live there. Dialogues are impressive especially during the climax. Editing part is dull in the first half.

ET - Evariki Talavanchadu movie review

Suriya is the heart and soul of the film and carries it on his shoulders. Even when there is nothing much going on in the first half, Suriya steers the show with his solid screen presence and charisma. The manner in which the mass fights are showcased is quite good.

The film starts on an interesting note but has dull moments in the narrative. The sensitive issue about the girls is not brought out well. As there is nothing much to do, the director Pandiraj induces romance and comedy which do not work that much in the first half.

But after the interval, the movie stands up on its feet with a bang and starts running. The story is brought in well and the emotions also work so perfectly in the narrative. The climax is also an eye opener and the manner in which young kids are getting spoilt is brought to the notice of the parents. This aspect is effectively used.

The film has a cat and mouse feel between the hero and villain and its pacy in the second half. All the dots are joined perfectly in the second half and the film ends on a good note with a neat social message.

Final Word

Suriya's Evariki Talavanchadu is a film which has a very strong social message. Suriya is top notch in his performance and the film has strong emotions told in a gripping manner.


Rating : 3.5/5

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