Akshay Kumar trolled for first look of 'Chhatrapati Shivaji' from Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat

Akshay Kumar trolled for first look of'Chhatrapati Shivaji' from Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat
Akshay Kumar's first look from the upcoming film Vedat Marathe Veer Daudle Saat was released by the makers recently.
The Bollywood superstar will be seen stepping into the shoes of Chhatrapati Shivaji for the film.
The makers not only announced the film but also posted a still and video of Akshay from the film. As soon as the first look was unveiled the actor was severely critised on social media. He was slammed for not researching enough before starting the shoot.
The shot which tracks Akshay essaying Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also shows a chandelier in the frame. Now, here's the catch. The chandelier has light bulbs installed throughout its rim. The reason behind the trolling is that bulbs were invented much after the tenure of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who ruled from 1630 to 1680.


One user tweeted, "There are many things wrong with Akshay Kumar playing Shivaji Maharaj. For starters Shivaji Maharaj passed away when he was 50. Akshay is 55. Could they not have found a Marathi speaking actor with good acting skills to play him?"

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