From ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ to ‘Hindustani’, Watch These Five Classic Films Of Kamal Haasan On His 68th Birthday Across TV & OTT

Celebrating 68 years of the legendary Kamal Haasan with five of his most classic films across TV and OTT

Kamal Hassan is the true definition of what a prodigy is. The cult superstar began acting at the age of four and in his six decade long career, delivered standout performances establishing him amongst the legends of Indian Cinema. Kamal Haasan recently won over audiences once again with his blockbuster film ‘Vikram’. Ahead of his 68th birthday, here are five of his classics you must watch across Sony MAX2, Zee5, Mx Player, Jio Cinema & Prime Video.

1. Ek Duje Ke Liye- Sony MAX2

One of the best love stories in Indian film, Ek Duje Ke Liye was Kamal Haasan’s Bollywood debut. Love knows neither caste, language, nor geographic limits, as the movie powerfully conveys. The movie is a classic love story with a dash of cultural conflict. The plot revolves around the union and separation of Vasu and Sapna, who are deeply in love but their parents are against their rendezvous. The film takes a tragic turn as both jump from a cliff to their deaths while holding hands as a tribute to their union, which makes it stand out from other love stories. Directed by the exceptional Mani Ratnam, the film is an excellent preservation of the subtleties of both Tamil and Hindi. Using the language gap as a barrier between the two lovers was a novel and unique idea at that time. You can catch Ek Duje Ke Liye on Sony MAX2 on 7th November 2022 at 4:15 PM.

2. Yaadgaar- Zee5

With a dazzling cast of Kamal Haasan, Poonam Dhillon and Sanjeev Kumar, Yaadgaar is an emotional rollercoaster. Raju (played by Kamal Haasan) is a pathological liar and a cry wolf. Being a jobless slacker-troublemaker, his life turns upside down after the death of his father and is forced to move in with his married sister. It’s considered to be one of the finest tragedies packed with heart-stirring music featuring some of the best musicians of the country- Kishore Kumar, Bappi Lahiri and Asha Bhonsle. Fans can stream Yaadgaar on Zee5.

3. Sadma- MX Player

Sadma is one of the most unique stories to ever appear in Indian films. It is expertly acted, directed, and narrated. With hints of comedy and drama, the film delivers a realistic and beautiful voyage that leaves no mementoes behind. Sridevi and Kamal Haasan have aced their roles as leads. Somu (played by Kamal Haasan) is a compassionate and experienced school teacher, Haasan has added nuance and a clear understanding of his persona. Sridevi plays two opposite roles of  the same character, she portrays a graceful and lovely young woman before the accident, and a challenging role of a little girl stuck in a young woman's body. Sridevi has pulled it off with amazing conviction and grace, giving her character both humour and emotion. You can stream Sadma on MX Player.

4. Hindustani - Jio Cinema

With three adept and brilliant forces like Kamal Haasan, Shankar and A.R. Rahman coming together, Hindustani is an example of perfection. India's Oscar entry and director Shankar's magnum opus is a meticulously made film. Kamal Haasan can be seen in a dual role: an elderly man named Senapathy who stops corrupted people and his son Chandru, who works in the transport department and handles licences. The horrifying effects of bureaucracy, corruption, and bribery on society in contemporary India are examined in this incredibly amazing and riveting movie. You can stream Hindustani on Voot.

5. Nayakan- Prime Video

Nayakan is comparable to a rare astronomical event in which the constellations line up exactly to produce an amazing extravaganza. The magic that Mani Ratnam, Kamal Hassan, and Ilayaraja created enthrals the audience. The protagonist of Nayakan is a young boy named Velu who loses his father and flees to Bombay after assaulting the police. By chance, Velu is persuaded to commit a crime and develops into a Don. Kamal performed the natural shift with ease, starting with the rebellious youngster and ending with the ageing Godfather. You cannot not but notice the tiny changes in his body language, mannerisms, pace, and conversation delivery that come with ageing. The movie features an outstanding star cast- Kamal Haasan, Nasser, and Janakaraj, superb director- Mani Ratnam, and superb musical score by maestro Illayaraja. You can stream Nayakan on Prime Video.

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