Pan Nalin’s ‘Last Film Show’ to be the opening gala film at IFFLA - the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

Pan Nalin’s ‘Last Film Show’ to be the opening gala film at IFFLA - the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles on 28th April 2022
Last Film Show, the Indie Gujarati film directed by Pan Nalin and produced by Jugaad Motion Pictures, Chhello Show LLP, Monsoon Films, and Stranger88 is set as the opening gala film at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles or IFFLA.
The movie will be screened at Harmony Gold, LA on the 28th of April at 6:30 pm PDT. Last Film Show (LFS) has won prestigious awards at various international film festivals and is acclaimed to be the first Indian film to have its distribution rights picked up by highly reputed, century-old international studios.
IFFLA is a film festival based in LA to showcase the works of Indian filmmakers that tell a convincing tale and leave a mark on the viewers. It ranges from documentaries, narratives, and animated films, features and shorts. It will be held from 28th April, 2022 till 1st May, 2022.
IFFLA’s special event includes the opening night gala with the screening of Pan Nalin’s Feature film –‘Last Film Show’. This is followed by tributes to the Indian culture that would include Indian culinary specialties, music and dance in addition to the tributes given to acclaimed Indian filmmakers.
This year IFFLA is extra special because it celebrates its 20th Anniversary. As the Gala is in heart of Hollywood many well-known industry folks have confirmed their attendance.
Last Film Show is a narrative about a doe-eyed boy, Samay, who is introduced to the world of movies by his father, a mere tea seller in 1990s Gujarat. This opened a new chapter in his life as his obsession with movies grew to the extent of striking a deal with the movie theatre’s owner. Samay simply had to bring home-cooked meals in return for free access to the movies.
The film proceeds to unravel an endearing long-lasting friendship that is forced to withstand certain heart-breaking decisions as an era of changes sweeps through the country that alters their dreams for a lifetime to come.
Present at the screening and opening of IFFLA will be Pan Nalin, the Director of LFS, who will be speaking about his film and what conspired behind the camera to bring to screen the innocence and beauty of the story.
Pan Nalin, the imaginative mind behind the sublime storytelling of movies like Samsara, Angry Indian Goddesses and Valley of Flowers says, “The simplest answer to why we’re intrigued by a film is because the film is made with so much honesty, love, and simplicity. And once the story was simple and honest enough for the theme to go universal, the top-notch execution aided in translating its honesty and richness on the big screen.”
He adds, "IFFLA is a very important festival as it has interesting participation, panel discussions and has great opportunities for networking and collaborations.”
Dheer Momaya, Producer Jugaad Motion Pictures, thrilled with the response the film is garnering at the International Festivals and the global circuit says, “While this is a hyper-local story told from an indigenous Indian point of view, the themes explored through the story are quite universal. At its essence, the father-son story really spoke to me, and I felt that the emotions that Nalin was able to highlight in the script would translate quite well onto the screen. The most attractive thing about the story though was the depiction of the relentless human spirit.
Our protagonist gives so much sense and meaning to his life, and to the lives of the people around him, without having anything to start from. So many people who live comfortably within the means of their privilege or without, find it difficult to cope with the struggles and banality of modern living, and sometimes watching films like this is a reminder that a lot can be done and overcome even if you have very little.”

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