Aanchal Munjal all set for a comeback after battling a major surgery

Aanchal Munjal all set for a comeback after battling a major surgery
Actress Aanchal Munjal has made a mark in both film and television industry. Remembered for her roles as a child artist in popular TV shows like Parvarrish - Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi, Bade Ache Lagte Hain and many more. Aanchal made her Bollywood debut with We Are Family, and later went on to do films like Aarakshan and Ghayal Once Again among others.
The actress has been missing in action for a while now, and Aanchal has now opened up about a major surgery and a long recovery thereafter, something that the fans were oblivious about all this while. "In July 2020, I developed a small boil that kept erupting frequently.
Before I knew, it turned into a 12-inch long, deep sinus inside my body. We got to know about it very late as the doctors were not very easily accessible then because of Covid protocols during the pandemic. By the time we consulted a doctor, it had become major and it had to be operated immediately," she explains. Aanchal got operated at Kokilaben Ambani hospital on December 23, 2020. It was a major surgery and her doctors advised her bedrest for 2 months. "For one month, I was supposed to lie on my belly, and not supposed to use my back at all. Sitting was not allowed.
It was only in the second month that I could lie on my back. It took 2 months only for the stitiches to heal and for me to stand back on my feet." says Aanchal. But the misery was far from over even after 2 months of bedrest. March 2021 onwards, Aanchal started doing basic activities and started on her road to recovery. "I was putting on weight as I was supposed to eat healthy food in order to heal.
It was a 12 inch long, 2 inch deep, 2 inch wide cut, that much flesh was taken out of my body during the surgery. So in order to heal, I was eating healthy food, but couldn’t hit the gym as I was also not allowed to do any strenuous activity. because of which I was putting on weight. Around June 2021, I started doing some Yoga to keep my body flexible. From September 2021 onwards, I started hitting the gym. But the focus was not on cutting down the fat.
It was only to strengthen my body and make me feel better," Aanchal narrates her long journey of recovery. While Aanchal was going through one of the most testing times of her life, she did not want to tell the world about her miserable situation. So she kept her spirits high, and kept shooting for Instagram activities so that people don't come to know. It's an old saying in the world of glamour, that “The show must go on. She believed the show must go on, no matter what. "I am an actor and I need to be in front of the camera.
I kept myself busy shooting for my Instagram profile and some brands on the digital platform," she adds. The year 2022 has started on a brighter note for Aanchal who has now resumed all her activities seriously. She is determined to get back in shape now that she has totally recovered.
From January onwards, Aanchal is regularly hitting the gym and has also started attending her dance classes. It is not long before Aanchal gets back on the sets and presents her fans with her new projects soon.

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