This Dussehra, Discovery Channel to premiere ‘Legends Of The Ramayana with Amish’ on 3rd October

This Dussehra, Discovery Channel to premiere ‘Legends Of The Ramayana with Amish’ on 3rd October
As India prepares to celebrate the auspicious Dussehra festivities, wonder how many people know the details of the Indian epic Ramayana? Did you know Lord Ram had an elder sister? Why did Kaikeyi ask for Lord Ram to be exiled only for 14 years? How did the city of Nasik get its name? Do you know the common thread that links Lord Ram and Gautam Buddha?
The Ramayana has been touted as India's most coveted text for centuries. For centuries, the Ramayana has been regarded as India's most coveted text. However, there is still a plethora of lesser-known stories revolving around the Ramayana, and it is time we unravel them. Amish Tripathi, award-winning writer and series host, revisits the sacred geography of one of the world's greatest stories in 'Legends of the Ramayana with Amish,' premiering on Discovery Channel on October 3rd at 9 PM.
This ground-breaking three-part series traverses 5000 km, deep diving into ancient stories and myths around Ramayana that have yet to be unravelled. It is enriched with professionally researched opinions and experts’ comments from guests like Yatindra Mishra (Prince of Ayodhya), Kavita Kane (Author), award-winning Hydrogeologist Ritesh Arya, Sunela Jayawardene (Environmental Architect & Author), Krishna Devaraya, Descendent, Vijayanagara Dynasty, Shashi Dhanatunge, Former Vice Chairperson, Civil Aviation Authority, Sri Lanka and many others that add to the authenticity. Amish travels to key locations across India and Sri Lanka to piece the journey together whilst bringing alive history and showcasing the rich cultures, social diversities and landscapes prevalent in each region.
Amish said, “Ramayan is the proud heritage of every single Indian, regardless of religion, caste, language, or gender. And I discovered the truth of this feeling even more as we shot for this documentary. There were so many lesser-known stories and traditions that we discovered, some genuinely surprising. What an honour it has been, to travel with the wonderful team of Discovery and Wide-Angle Films as we followed the path that was trod many millennia ago by our God, Lord Ram Himself. It was enlightening, it was fun, it was surreal”
Dive into the mystical world of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita whilst exploring some unheard stories from the magnificent Sanskrit epics as it airs on Discovery Channel on 3rd October.  

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