Discovery+ launches Money Mafia season three, an exhilarating investigative crime docu-series

Discovery+ launches Money Mafia season three, an exhilarating investigative crime docu-series
Following an intriguing and shocking second season that unveiled dark revelations of India’s biggest financial frauds and con jobs, Money Mafia is returning to decode the hidden secrets of organized crime cartels of Mumbai. The upcoming season of the renowned docu-series is set to premiere on discovery+ on Thursday, November 10 and will acquaint audiences with the inner workings of the notorious crime mobs in the city of dreams. The third season will delve into the rising operations and imminent threat of organized crimes, laying bare the inner workings of some of India’s biggest and boldest rackets.
The series is amongst the highest rated shows on discovery+ and has previously showcased scams across the spectrum, ranging from Identity Theft, CryptoCurrency Cons, The Stock Market Manipulation Scam by Ketan Parekh and The 2003 Stamp Pamper Scam by Abdul Karim Telgi, amongst others. This season is produced by Vice Studios.
“The popularity and viewership of investigative crime docu-series genre has significantly increased in recent times with audiences now curious to know the insights and aftermath of scandals that caused devastation across the country. We are delighted to be returning with another season of our fan favourite series Money Mafia, a show that has deep dived into the most shocking scams that our nation has witnessed and given viewers an insider's perspective into its operations. The upcoming season in its new avatar will unfold fresh stories for our audiences”. said Sai Abishek, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Cluster, South Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery.
A barbaric business that runs on fear, the first episode ‘Pay-up or Else’ of Money Mafia Season three will expose the current extortion nexus of organized crime between businessmen, police, and the mafia. The second episode ‘Gold Blooded’ will familiarise viewers with the history of gold smuggling from the 1960s till date and showcase the innovative strategies that people use today to employ to smuggle in gold. Viewers will also witness routes of gold smuggling used during the horrifying 1993 bomb blasts in the city. Drug Trafficking will be examined in the third episode ‘The Thugs of Drugs’ as audiences learn about how the drug “Meow-Meow” became an epidemic in the city.
The shift from being a drug addict to a peddler will be witnessed alongside the constant face offs between the traffickers and investigative agencies. The final episode ‘Cleaning Dirty Money’ will put the spotlight on the process of Money Laundering.

Discovery+ launches Money Mafia season three, an exhilarating investigative crime docu-series 

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