A feline-human duo will make Zing’s Hallyu slot irresistible! Watch out for the premiere of ‘Meow The Secret Boy

A feline-human duo will make Zing’s Hallyu slot irresistible! Watch out for the premiere of ‘Meow The Secret Boy
India’s most-loved youth entertainment channel has gotten the pulse of Gen-Z’s entertainment appetite. The K-drama fever is growing nationwide, and fans across the country are looking out for the next awesome rom-com. Surprising fans once again, Zing has announced a new show – Meow The Secret Boy (MTSB). Showcasing a soulful love story getting the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride, the show promises amazing humor, cuteness quotient, and super-unique twists. MTSB will air on Zing’s Hallyu time slot from September 19th, 6 pm to 7 pm on weekdays.
Meow The Secret Boy is a live adaptation of a popular Korean webtoon. It’s a spellbinding tale about Hong Jo's feelings for Sol Ah, a graphic designer who isn’t quite friendly with cats. However, Hong Jo is not just a human being, and time will tell how well he hides his secret! The narrative brings to the fore the purity of a true bond, bolted with the pain of unconditional love, all culminating into the real question – “Will Hong Jo reveal his real identity to Sol Ah and have his love returned?”
This cozy series has all the ingredients to keep viewers engrossed not only will the K-Drama lovers enjoy this show but also pet lovers are in for a treat.
Talking about this new show launch, Arghya Roy Chowdhury, Chief Channel Officer – Zing shared, “Zing is carving out an identity for itself in the ecosystem that cohesively speaks to GEN-Z’s, by bringing a wholesome entertainment experience for them. Sometime back we took a courageous step by introducing K-Dramas dubbed in Hindi for our viewers. The tremendous success of these shows has encouraged us to further bring more and more such shows and the latest edition is ‘Meow The Secret Boy’ which will premiere on 19th September 2022 in our Hallyu time slot. In the coming months, we will be acquiring more such titles and adding them to our content line-up. We hope to continue engaging with GEN-Zs / audience across the length and breadth of the country with good content.”
Tune in to Zing to be a part of the stirring love story of ‘Meow The Secret Boy’ from 19th September, 6 pm to 7 pm on weekdays

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