Neitzens react on the Shocking Story of a Unwanted Girl Child ‘Nirasha’

Neitzens react on the Shocking Story of a Unwanted Girl Child ‘Nirasha’
Today, as we stand in solidarity and raise our voice for the girl child who still undergoes inequalities in today’s society, we exclaim “ Our time is now—our rights, our future” , the theme for the day. A story of yet another girl who was disregarded while growing up has floated on social media today.
A girl named Nirasha, whose name stands for ‘disappointed’ came forward to narrate a story that will surely break your heart. When Nirasha was born, her family was disappointed and didn't want a girl child and hence named her that.
All her childhood and young adult life went in being bullied for her name. Today, she came forward to narrating her story in this short video. ‘Nirasha’ hails from a village in Maharashtra and currently living in Mumbai. Her life story is upsetting and alarming and is something which happens a lot in India. 
Watch The Video & netizen reaction : 

Sadly, this is a reality of several girls in India today. Their rights to exist are taken away from the day they are born and they are mistreated for being who they are.

This World Girl Child Day we need to pledge and profess that stories like Nirasha need to come to an end. It's important to realize what potential girls hold and what great future they can bring with them. 

Coincidentally, we witnessed a similar story in an upcoming TV show ‘Faltu’ where the girl child was ignored and overlooked for her birth. Faltu is a story of a girl from Rajasthan fighting for her existence & to be treated equally. In the pursuit of proving herself to the world f& chasing her dream Faltu represents each & every disregarded girl. 

The rights of oppressed girls like ‘Nirasha’ and ‘Faltu’ around the world need a voice. This World Girl Child Day calls for people to become that voice of change and empower them.

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