Sheezan Khan's lawyer made some shocking revelations about Tunisha Sharma's relationship with her mother

Sheezan's lawyer made some shocking revelations about Tunisha's relationship with her mother
Sheezan Khan, who is currently in police custody, called for a press conference in Mumbai. His mother Kehekshan, sisters Falaq Naaz-Shafaq Naaz and their lawyer, Advocate Shailendra Mishra addressed the media.
During the press conference, Sheezan's lawyer Advocate Mishra made some shocking revelations about Tunisha's relationship with her mother. Mentioning the name of Sanjeev Kaushal, Advocate Mishra claimed that he wasn't related to the actress. He further revealed that Tunisha's mother Vanita Sharma and Sanjeev dominated and controlled the 20-year-old actress.
In his statement during the press conference, Advocate Mishra said, "Post lockdown, Tunisha's mom and Kaushal even forced the actress to travel to Chandigarh, and when she refused, Vanita broke her mobile phone and even tried to strangle her. Tunisha had shared all of this with the director of the show she was a part of then."
Advocate Mishra further added that Vanita and Sanjeev went to Chandigarh leaving Tunisha alone in Mumbai. Back in Mumbai, the actress would stay with her friend, actor Kanwar Dhillon and his family. 

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