Sidharth Shukla came in Asim Riaz's dream before death

Sidharth Shukla came in Asim Riaz's dream before death
Bigg Boss 13 fame Asim Riaz came under fire recently for saying that late TVstar Sidharth Shukla's win in the Salman Khan-hosted show was rigged. Amid the backlash, another clip from his latest interview has surfaced online.
He claimed that Shukla, who died after a cardiac arrest in September 2021, came in his dream on the day he passed away. He said that he knew about the shocking demise before he received the tragic news.
"He came in my dream bro. I swear to my mother, brother. I knew it before my cousin called me and asked me to check the news. He didn't tell me and knows how emotional and sensitive I am. I had spent so many days with him in the house. I was really connected. I had no friends outside and did not feel any connection with anyone before. Aisa emotion... ladna toh chaar chaar din, hasna toh chaar chaar din," he told chat show host Siddharth Kanan.


One user tweeted, "Few thoughts about #AsimRiaz interview. 1. Asim ne khud se msg kiya for iv 😱kaise kaise bomb futenge🥶 2. As Asim said this is trap u r wasting ur time here this won't make u earn money so stop n do ur thing 🤨 but Asim se lesson milte hai so its learn💪 NATION LOVES ASIM RIAZ"


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