CHANGING PLANET II Review : Astounding, Immersive and compelling excursion to the Wild.

CHANGING PLANET II Review : Astounding, Immersive and compelling excursion to the Wild.

CHANGING PLANET II Review : Astounding, Immersive and compelling excursion to the Wild.

CHANGING PLANET II Review : Astounding, Immersive and compelling excursion to the Wild.

What: This ambitious and unprecedented Sony BBC Earth’s environmental series Changing Planet is back to document how Earth’s most vulnerable habitats are responding to the ever-increasing environmental threats.


It is a compelling topical documentary series that takes a global approach to its storytelling. The show delves into various pressing issues that have a widespread impact, emphasizing the interconnectedness of these challenges across different regions of the world. Over the course of seven years, the show aims to illustrate how solutions discovered in one location can be applied to address similar issues in other destinations.

Exploring extraordinary places bursting with life and following them through the inspiring stories, the show offers us hope by projecting the bio-environmental conservationist Samaritans working to protect the environment and the plethora of endangered species. The locations they work in are as diverse as Maldives, Greenland, California, Brazil, Cambodia, and Kenya.

The first episode spotlights the icy and desolate landscapes of Greenland where we witness how the indigenous ungulates and muskoxen are grappling with the profound impact of the swiftly changing Arctic and its environs.

The focus then switches to the wildfire-ravaged forests of California. The makers offer a clear solution of clearing off dead vegetation to potentially eliminate the fuel for the fire to spread..

It underlines the myriad challenges our planet faces and offers optimism by demonstrating how innovative solutions in one part of the world can contribute to the resolution of environmental issues in another part.

Through the two-part series, viewers are provided with an intimate and unique perspective into the lives and environments of those involved. The show unfolds and unveils previously unseen moments that astound both the camera teams and the top experts closely collaborating with the crew throughout filming.

I was particularly enamored by the biggest wetlands of Brazil – showcasing the majestic Brazilian Jaguar, carefully articulated by Lili Rampin, the lead field biologist of Oncafari project on ecotourism, Wildlife Vet, Joares May also reveals what all diseases potentially endanger this breed of felines. The Cambodian crocodiles, which apparently have been existing since the last 65 million years and now almost extinct with feeble fragmented population, also find place as one of the species in the second episode, which also covers the Kenyan Elephants.

This reaffirms the notion that reality is often more captivating than fiction, further engaging and captivating the audience.

Our expert presenters revisit the six bellwether locations from the last series, including Kenya, Cambodia and Brazil and learn how the people and animals they met are faring.

Joined from their locations by scientists and conservation workers, they discover if the desperate fight to preserve the local ecosystems is beginning to pay off or whether they have suffered any devastating setbacks.

I certainly enjoyed the show for the immersive experience offered and for its valuable insights on protecting natural habitats. It is deeply engaging and meticulously crafted to hold your attention for the two hours.

Going with 4.5 stars out of 5 for Changing Planet – it is streaming on Sony BBC Earth.


Rating : 4.5/5

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