Gadar 2 movie review: woh mood aaya, par Sunny paaji uthe water pump छोड़ aaya

Gadar 2 movie review: woh mood aaya, par Sunny paaji uthe water pump ??? aaya

Gadar 2 movie review: woh mood aaya, par Sunny paaji uthe water pump छोड़ aaya

What: Gadar 2 – the sequel of the twenty-two-year-old box office phenomenon by Anil Sharma sees the super strong Sunny Deol as the indestructible Tara Singh going back to Lahore to save his son Jeete (Utkarsh Sharma) who is now a young lad.

Gadar 2 movie review

Bhakthjano machao shor – its time for that defining roar, Gadar 2 brings back the sound and fury of the 2001 action yore. The super hero without any costume in the mighty Sunny Deol, his beloved Sakeena (Ameesha Patel amazingly carries the same twenty-two-year-old expression) and their beloved Jeete (Utkarsh Sharma – son of director Anil Sharma in real – now pls stop.. this was just an info for those who are not aware. nothing else).

The happy Tara is now a leader of a transport truck association and Jeete desires to be an actor (obviously, I mentioned above). Real meets reel. Weird. Now back to the middle-aged Tara with beard.

Chain of events sees Jeete landing in Lahore and captured by the dreaded Major General Hamid Iqbal (Manish Wadhwa – from certain angles reminds of Suresh Oberoi but fine no issues). Hamid nursing an old grudge against Tara who previously has killed forty men from his battalion.

Now, any toddler can predict what will happen next and it happens. Sunny Deol in all his force and fury takes a hathoda (hammer) and smashes vehicles, skulls, bones, tanks, hands, legs and what not before a couple of clap worthy lines to save his dear Jeete who also gets a chance to bash a couple of Pakistani soldiers, officers and even gets a clap worthy line…remember I told you who he is and what he wants to be…

Till now, paisa vasool for the diehard’s, the romance angle of Jeete with Muskaan (Simrat Kaur - pretty) is also cute.

But ab aage kya.. for the rest of all.. Mr Anil Sharma.?  Tara is in Lahore, he has saved his son from getting punished in front of the public. The movie goes on and on and on.. and on.. it becomes an action-packed chase with less emotional connect.

Personally, I waited for the iconic water pump moment and the setting was ideal. A big crowd is after Tara and he spots a water pump similar to that we have seen in Gadar. He approaches towards the water pump but the crowd starts fleeing as if they see Gadar every day.

What happens, on seeing the crowd fleeing, Tara changes his mind. He leaves that water pump. The pump is still there you can go and check.

Pump kyu nahi ukhadwaya.. Anil Sharma ji..

Gadar 3 mein ukhadwaoge kya…

Kyu.. aakhir kyu hamari umeedo pe pani pher diya…

Rumble jumble why suddenly go humble and in next moment you start smashing again

But tussi dil tood ditta.. Sunny paaji uthe water pump kyu छोड़ ditta.

With Sunny Deol around you are okay with all those ears deafening chest beating desh bhakti, Sunny has that shakti to carry an entire film on his shoulders but here Anil Sharma’s never ending hangover of Gadar is so clear.

Twenty-two years have passed by since that great collaboration between Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma that wrote box office history in 2001 in Gadar. But aaj ke darshak kyu iska ‘lagaan’ bhare… jab aap Hindustan zindabad, maar dhaad, Sunny Deol in Thor avatar (that hammer scene gazab) par no water pump uprooting scene (ajab).   

Technically its glossy, music by Mithoon is a plus the Gadar hits Mein Nikla, Udd Ja Kale Kava create a déjà vu..


Sunny Deol is exceptional he has an extra ordinary screen presence but seeing him doing such action which the masses always enjoy is routine and ordinary for a viewer like me. He is a fine actor. I want to see Sunny Deol in an intense emotionally packed role. Uttkarsh is strictly okay. Manish is good. Ameesha Patel is okay.  

Gadar 2 final words

Gadar 2 in the end is designed as a fan pleasing service that wants to cash on a 22-year-old box office history. Anil Sharma ke twenty-two years se chal rahe Gadar ke hangover ka Lagaan kab tak bhareinge sab log.




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