OMG 2 movie review: A Bold and Relevantly Enlightening Eye Opener For Parents and Adolescents

OMG 2 movie review: A Bold and Relevantly Enlightening Eye Opener For Parents and Adolescents

OMG 2 movie review: A Bold and Relevantly Enlightening Eye Opener For Parents and Adolescents

What: OMG 2 – OMG!! you want to talk about sex baby?!!... The Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam starrer written and directed by Amit Rai does the rare dare that cares for the future. A movie based on the importance of sex education in a nation that has a dedicated God/deity of love – Kamadeva and the greatest written text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfilment in life - The Kama Sutra (Principles of Love).

OMG 2 movie synopsis

Set in the Hindi heartland, OMG 2 – the spiritual sequel of the 2012 money spinner OMG starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar is the story of Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi) a staunch devote of Lord Shiva. Kanti runs a shop owned by the head priest of the famous Mahakal mandir (temple) near his shop that supplies materials required for pooja etc. Kanti sings bhajans hailing the divine power of Mahadev – Lord Shiva his favourite. The happy Kanti lives with his dedicated wife and two teenage children – son Vivek (Aarush Sharma) and a daughter.

In a chain of events, Vivek unfortunately becomes the talk of the town, a video of his masturbation act gets circulated and he is forced to leave the English medium school founded by the local big shot in media and education played by Arun Govil.  Kanti prays for help and a divine intervention by Lord Shiva’s messenger (Akshay Kumar) advises Kanti to fight for his son and raise the voice for the importance of sex education in schools rather than leaving the town like a coward.

Kanti goes to court and files cases against himself, the school, the chemist, a road side seller of oil that claims to increase the length of the private part and a self-proclaimed sex therapist. Kamini Maheshwari (Yami Gautam) is the popular lawyer fighting against Kanti.


OMG 2 movie review

Sex – the thing that we all enjoy in our privacy and the thing that perhaps is associated with the ultimate pleasure becomes taboo when we are asked to talk about it. The subject of OMG 2 – sex education makes this rare comic coming of age drama into an exceptional movie that challenges the myths about issues like masturbation, study of human body, the prevailing hypocrisy in the world in dealing about sexual anxieties in growing teenagers leading to misconceptions, bad judgements leading to disrespect about a female’s body that further reads to serious crimes like molestation, rape etc.

Ignorance makes Vivek guilty, he starts believing that masturbation is a sin. The act of masturbation is not a crime or sin but becoming an addict is not acceptable.

Sex – a topic that when discussed can create sensation, agony, aghast to different people finds its case heard properly through Kanti (Pankaj Tripathi).

Not just in India, the whole world we will find people made to feel ashamed of their sexualities, OMG 2 written and directed by Amit Rai ( award winning Road To Sangam previous) covers the bold and sensitive issue with the help of a feel-good quirky comedy that has layers in its sly humour that coins the great Indian ancient knowledge on arguably world’s greatest pleasure - sex.

OMG 2 is about the importance of sex education and making an adolescent aware of his hormone’s changes and the reason behind rather than any gyan/knowledge on the art of making love and sexual positions.

The prejudice and hypocrisy behind avoiding any healthy and true discussion on sex education in OMG 2 also exposes the religious guilt and the political divide that cannot even tolerate the word - sex.

Amit Rai’s film OMG 2 is a starting point the two hours thirty-six-minute film as said earlier is packed as an entertainer that begins with a bhajan Oochi Oonchi wadi then enters the core issue smoothly and from the moment Kanti enters the hospital and meets the Dr played by Brijesh Kala, the movie never shifts gear and time to time entertains, enlightens and offers surprises.

Movie like Vicky Donor, Shubh Mangal Savdhan previously had bold topics related to sexual dysfunctions and movies on sex usually are the one that people watch illegally or in double meaning Bollywood sex comedies like Masti, Kya Kool Hai Hum etc.

The makers and an A list star like Akshay Kumar should be given a pat on their back in believing in such sensitive subject for a mainstream cinema. Needs guts.

Akshay has explored relevant topics in Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Padman etc but OMG and OMG 2 are something unique.

While OMG was inspired from the Billy Connolly film The Man Who Sued God, OMG 2 is fresh and that makes it bigger in its idea and subject.



Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva’s messenger (as directed by CBFC) in fact he is Lord Shiva in the original looks divine and carries the look of Mahadev perfectly. Akshay is perfect as Lord Shiva and delivers a stellar, enthralling performance. The tandav dance is amazing and shot brilliantly.  Akshay Kumar is the force in this bold important and relevant film and his work will be loved by fans and public in general alike.

Pankaj Tripathi as Kanti Sharan Mudgal is exceptional. His mannerisms, expression and the way he in a slightly comical manner beings the vital point regarding sex education forward will make the audience happy.  OMG 2 enters in his illustrated list of brilliant performances. The accent is superb.

Yami Gautam as Kamini Maheshwari the lawyer fighting against Kanti is fabulous as the metaphor of the rigid, prejudice, hypocrisy and divide regarding discussion on sex/sexual education.

Pavan Malhotra as Judge Purushottam Nagar is in his element and the gifted actor gets some surprisingly funny situations as well.

Govind Namdev as the head priest is fine.

Arun Govil as Principal is marvellous.

Brijendra Kala as Doctor is amazing.

Aarush Varma as Vivek is outstanding.


Technicalities and music


The small-town settings seem to be Ujjain is well etched. The milieu and accent are bang on. Eye pleasing captured by Amalendu Chaudhary’s length, the colours, emotions and tone match the proceedings. Editing by Suvir Nath is fabulous.


Music by Vikram Montrose, Hansraj Raghuwanshi, Djstrings, Pranaay and Sandesh Shandilya is perfectly in sync with the theme. Oonchi Oonchi wadi is good bhajan after sometime. Nicely sung by Hansraj Raghuwanshi.


OMG 2 - Final words

Am still unable to figure out why a ridiculous movie like Kya Kool Hai Hum that disrespects women is not ‘A’ rated. But a a movie that is necessary for both parent and adolescent is rated ‘A’, call it ignorance or strict rules the truth is the huge chunk of target audience will get omitted.  

Anyways, OMG 2 is not a routine sequel made to bank on the popularity and success of its original OMG, nor does it’s a routine mainstream commercial movie releasing a few days before the Indian Independence Day to cash on the holidays, the Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi starrer is a cinema that dares to care for the future the coming generations. As Kanti played by Pankaj Tripathi says in one of that touching scene, “ Kaha dekhna chaheinge apne bachee ko, agayniyo ke beech jo kisi aurat ka man aur sharir samjhne mein nakam ho, ki waha jaha aurat ka sharir aur man samjha jaye unhe samman diya jaye”.

OMG 2 is not just a movie, its an expression, starting point of a revolution – sex education. The debate is on.. bring it on…

Going with a rare four and a half stars and extra for the subject.




OMG 2 video review

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Rating : 4.5/5

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