Heropanti 2 movie review: Bum Chikki Chikki Bum Chikki Bum Bum

Heropanti 2 movie review: Bum Chikki Bum Chikki Bum Bum


Heropanti 2 movie review: Bum Chikki Chikki Bum Chikki Bum Bum

What: Heropanti 2 – the sequel to the 2014 film Heropanti is puerile beyond belief and a possible threat to your understanding of the word called bovine.

Heropanti 2 movie review

The sequel to Tiger Shroff’s instant whistle maar shot to stardom Heropanti (2014) opens with the wicked and evil Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) a crook magician showing his famous tricks and cut to that scene similar to that famous conference scene by Joker in The Dark Knight.

Laila with a bunch of international crooks including that one-piece gulab jamun wale uncle in that unforgettable swiggy advertisement which forced me to download the app shares a plan to hack every single Indian bank account at the stroke of the midnight hour of March 31.

Arre.. apna Tiger kaha hai..

Zinda hai bhaiyon aur behano.. UK mein hai simple seedha saadha maa ka laadla ( nahi nahi Anil Kapoor type ka ‘beta’ nahi) ek well-mannered studious type with spectacles doing a boring job and getting trolled by group of firang’s.

You expect that flying kicks coming the next moment but alas,

Maa ko vachan diya hai, will be playing Gandhi bapu in front of her eyes in the rest of his life.

Maa is played by the extremely talented Amrita Singh (wasted in extra caring mummy wala role.. kya haal kar diya aap logo ne Chameli Ki Shaadi wali bindaas chameli ka..).

The terrific Bollywood martial arts star Tiger Shroff is reduced to a boring but good looking simpleton.

But kahaani kuch aur hai..

Tiger Shroff is actually Babloo Ranawat a master hacker gone underground. So he comes back, obviously and starts kicking, flying but we are not at all thrilled.

It looks so fake and childish that you start feeling that such crap/kachra on screen by producer and writer Sajid Nadiadwala, director Ahmed Khan and screenplay dialogue by Rajat Arora is an insult/curse to the faith of audience in the original entertainer.

Such fakery in the name of filmmaking is a nothing short of plague on our rich Indian cinematic landscape, a shame in the name of an entertainer, a danger to the stardom of Tiger Shroff and action/martial arts lovers.

Tiger Shroff bores you to the hilt, not a single good action piece, if this was a spoof/parody then it’s so annoying.

Ok if it was supposed to be a parody/comedy then scenes like Babloo taking a bullet on his back, Tara asking Babloo to show that tatoo in public should have been more and more coming one after the another as seen in Jackie Chain’s movies but..

Tara Sutaria is nothing but a show piece with wardrobes funnier then her.

What was Heropanti 2 yaar. Such a torture.. its not entertainment its torturetainmnet.

So so, mechanical.. unbelievable.

Imagined lines from the great Mirza Ghalib’s har bat pe kehthei ho kit u kya hai.. lifted for no rhyme and reason.

Nawazuddin says this to Tiger, “ rago mein daudtein phirne ke hum nahi kayal jab aankh hi se na tapka toh woh lahu kya hai’.

Bhaiya.. Rajat Arora on what basis does Nawazuddin says this immortal gem by Ghalib to Tiger at a party.

Do you even know the crux of har bat pe kehthei ho ki tu kya hai.. sorry but doubt ho raha hai..

Aur Nawazuddin ne bol bhi diya.. height.

What an ironic show down is Heropanti 2

The makers think the audience is a fool, give them anything in the name of entertainment, the audience says when will these fake filmmakers learn. (Nawazuddin wali haasi aa rahi hai)..


Final words

I will end by twisting this famous dialogue from Heropanti

Sajid Nadiadwala ko story likni, Rajat Arora ko screenplay or Ahmed Khan ko ek entertaining action movie sequel ko justice deni aati nahi


Inki yeh galat faimi ki hum ek filmmaker/story teller hai.. jaati nahi..

going with half star in generosity for the following reason. The movie is in theatres and Nawazuddin though more theatrical and less natural has something to show in this most forgettable role in the worst movie of Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Rating : 0.5/5

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