Panch Kriti Five Elements movie review: rooted desi anthology twined with a relevant social cause

Panch Kriti Five Elements movie review: rooted desi anthology twined with a relevant social cause


Panch Kriti Five Elements movie review: rooted desi anthology twined with a relevant social cause

What -   Panch Kriti Five Elements - Sannjoy Bhargv’s amalgamation of five desi stories is twined with relevant social causes that are strong in concept but weak in execution.

Panch Kriti Five Elements movie review

A Brahmin Pandit weird attraction towards a skull – ‘Khopdi’, a tortured mother less child – ‘Amma’, a stalker/eve teaser goes deadly – Suata, A girl from the futuristic world crying for existence – ‘Chapeta’ and an undying tale of love – ‘Sujata’

No, I am not talking about any web series on Prime, Neflix or any other, I am talking about the movie   Panch Kriti Five Elements which is running in theatres.

The stories – ‘Khopdi, ‘Parchhayi’, ‘Chapeta’, ‘Amma’ and ‘Suata’ — set in Chanderi are intertwined by a common thread. the stories talk about girl child, environment protection, the evil of stalking and eve teasing, women empowerment, acceptance and love.  

Unfortunately, only two stories click – Suata and Chapeta even though after its predictability.

Khopdi is an experiment that fails to get the required smiles as the dark comedy on environmental issues fails to leave a lasting impression. It might have been opened for more appreciation at festivals provided it has made that winning sweep.

Amma is very predictable while Sujata though decent fails to gel with the other stories and is just okay.

The ones which made an impact and asked me to think are Suata and Chapeta.

Suata is nicely coined with the evil of eve teasing and that traditional pooja in Bundelkhand. That stalker/eve teaser gives a creepy feel and a folk song on Suata is also played giving the story the needed authenticity. The conflict is maintained and the shock value is earned.

Chapeta – the bigger in oits concept that tackles multiple issues like protecton of giorl child, respect for girl child, individual choice, child murder, abortion is frietening an drightly aims tio be enlightening.

The writing by Ranveer Pratap Singh and Kumar Rakesh is baffling swinging between realism and make believe.  Entertainment is missing nd itd not sn srtitisrtic movie as well though the settings are simple rooted. The use of actual locations and simple situations uplift this social drama.

Performance by the actors are passable without any standalone. Brijendra Kala is routine while Tanmay Chaturvedi, Sagar Wahi, Purva Parag and Sarika Bahroliya are fair.


Panch Kriti Five Elements - final words

Panch Kriti Five Elements is ambitious and tries to be the Panchtantra on screen with a message-oriented twist but lands up somewhere in between, the concept is strong but the execution is weak, the depth is missing.


Rating : 2.5/5

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