Titu Ambani movie review: pyaar, parivaar aur adhikaar ki sweet little kahaani

Titu Ambani movie review: pyaar, parivaar aur adhikaar ki sweet little kahaani

Titu Ambani movie review: pyaar, parivaar aur adhikaar ki sweet little kahaani

What: Titu Ambani – Deepika Singh and Tushar Pandey starrer is a sweet little slice of life adage on pyaar, parivaar aur adhikaar directed by Rohit Raj Goyal

Titu Ambani movie synopsis

Set in Udaipur, Titu Shukla (Tushar Pandey) is an ambitious day dreamer who believes in quick bucks and hates to lead a life as a service professional – the ‘working class’.

Titu is in love with Mosmi (Deepika Singh) who on the contrary is focused, she is a government employee – the lady ‘shravan’kumar of her household.

While Titu fools around taking odd catering contracts only to bear losses and increase the headache of his father Shukla Ji (Raghubir Yadav) who runs a photo frame shop with his elder son.

On the other hand Mosmi is aware of her responsibility towards her parents and wants to continue to take care of them even after her marriage.

Mosmi is also found of Titu and wants to marry him.

Titu and Mosmi get married and one day trouble arises when Titu’s mega business plan to be a millionaire tremendously back fires and poisons the relationship between Titu and Mausmi. What happens next?.


Titu Ambani movie review

Cashing on the current middle class milieu wave Titu Ambani is a welcome addition to stories from small town having big heart and a message.

Apart from the slice of life social drama ting, Titu Ambani also has the layered message of woman empowerment and a subtle attack on patriarchy and male machismo with a quirky feel good coming of age flavor.

Director Rohit Raj Goyal on his own story and screenplay gets good support from the dialogues by Abhishek Manohar Chanda which are also one of the highlights.

Rohit Raj Goyal ensures that the interest is maintained by blending humour and emotions from time to time.

Yes at times it is predictable and some important things are straight at your face with zero development like the reason behind the chemistry between Titu and Mosmi. Looking at Mosmi many will wonder initially why is such an independent and focused girl attracted towards a day dreamer.

However the strong characterization of Mosmi and the later realization of Titu that reminded me of Rajesh Roshan’s 1992 classic family musical Kaamchor co starring Jaya Pradha covers the flaw to a decent extent.

The emotions are captured nicely and the second half is a rollercoaster ride of emotions.



Deepika Singh as Mosmi wins our heart.

Tushar Pandey as Titu is completely natural at ease and extremely relatable as a small town lad.

Raghubir Yadav as Shukla Ji is awesome.

Pritam Jaiswal as Kuku – Titu’s friend has his moments.

Sapna Sand  as Prabhavati Shukla is fantastic.

Virendra Saxena  as Narendra Trivedi is very good. 

Samta Sagar as Sugandha Trivedi is fabulous.

Brijendra Kala  as Sajan Chaturvedi – the match maker leaves an impression.

Lastly, late veteran Baldev Tehran as dadaji is competent



Niece production values. The visuals by Sunil Vishwakarma are eye grabbing. The situational music by Bharat- Hitarth brings meaning to the narrative thanks to the lyrics by Mayur Puri. Editing by Sanjay Sharma is fine.


Final Words

Final words

Titu Ambani koi sehari bade aadmi ki kahaani nahi yeh ek aam chote sehar ki zindagani hai, it’s a sweet little harmless family slice of life.



Rating : 3.5/5

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