Dhokha- Round D Corner trailer: Khushalii Kumar’s debut is interesting, intense and mysterious

Dhokha- Round D Corner trailer: Khushalii Kumar’s debut is interesting, intense and mysterious

Dhokha- Round D Corner trailer: Khushalii Kumar’s debut is interesting, intense and mysterious

T-Series brings you a pacy, edge-of-the-seat thriller ‘Dhokha – Round D Corner'. ‘Dhokha’ is a multi-perspective thriller starring R Madhavan, Khushalii Kumar, Darshan Kumaar and Aparshakti Khurana.

The movie by Kookie Gulati is a suspense drama based on a day in the life of an urban couple that takes you on an unexpected journey with twists and turns showcasing shades of grey in each character.

The trailer begins with Yathaarth Sinha (R Madhavan) entering the house of a sky rise with a bag full of money. Yathaarth’s wife Sanchi Sinha (Khushali Kumar) is held hostage by a dreaded militant Haq Gul (Aparshakti Khurana). As Yathaarth Sinha heads towards his home to save his wife Sanchi, he is encountered by the police man on duty played by Darshan Kumar.

Things take an interesting turn and characters adapt different shaded as the trailer progress instigating an intriguing desire to know the mystery behind their motives.

The title Dhokha- Round D Corner adds a quirky mystery to the happenings signifying the saying that things that are seen by the naked eye can be an illusion.


Dhokha- Round D Corner - the makers and actors speak

The cast of 'Dhokha' including Khushalii Kumar, Aparshakti Khurana, Darshan Kumar and director Kookie Gulati watched the trailer with the media at a special preview in Mumbai today.

Says producer Bhushan Kumar, “Dhokha is an unconventional, commercial potboiler. The treatment of the film is extremely different from what you’ve seen before. Apart from the story and the screenplay, the performances in ‘Dhokha’ are truly breakthrough and will make an impact on audiences.”

Adds director Kookie Gulati, “One day can change your life and Dhokha will compel the audience to ponder over what is true and what is false. It will leave you gripped from start to finish.”

Adds R Madhavan, “Dhokha is driven by its performances and storytelling. The characters are not simply black or white. There are no good guys or bad guys; every single one of them has something beneath the surface

Says Khushalii Kumar, “There can be one truth, but there are always different perspectives to it and that’s what ‘Dhokha’ plays on. I was thrilled when I read the script and the film is truly clutter-breaking.”

Says Darshan Kumaar, “Dhokha will leave audiences at the edge of their seats. It’s a thriller that doesn’t have an ultimate answer and always leaves you guessing.”

Adds Aparshakti Khurana, “This is definitely one of my most challenging films because the character is very layered, eccentric and unlike anything I’ve done in the past. I look forward to how audiences react to it.”

Produced by Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series, ‘Dhokha- Round D Corner’ starring Khushalii Kumar, R Madhvan, Darshan Kumaar and Aparshakti Khurana and directed by Kookie Gulati releases 23rd September, 2022



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