Want to sign Manoj Bajpayee?, please read this

Want to sign Manoj Bajpayee?, please read this

Over the years, Padmashree winner Manoj Bajpayee has entertained his audiences with his many impressive and nuanced performances. The finest actor has carved a space for himself in the industry and has made a distinct mark in the digital world too. His web series The Family Man has been perhaps the most talked about show of 2021 and second season became more popular than the first one, and catapulted Manoj Bajpayee’s fame to another level.

And this year 2022 has been a very hectic one for national awards actor Manoj Bajpayee, shooting back to back for his new projects such as Ram Reddy’s until film, Kanu Bhel’s Despatch, Abhishek Chaubey’s film and Rahul Chitela film.       

Manoj Bajpayee has recently finished his 2 upcoming projects, one with Ram Reddy’s untitled film, which also has talented actor Deepika Dobriyal in the film. The film was shot in beautiful places of  Uttarakhand and got completed before the second wave hit us.

And then he finished RSVP’s Despatch, directed by Kanu Behl (It’s a investigative thriller set in the world of crime journalism.).

Manoj says,I have stopped reading new scripts and taking narrations. At this point of time

Now Manoj is shooting for Abhishek Chaubeys’s film which also has star cast like Konkana Sen, Sayaji Shinde,Naser sir from Tamil film industry and some well known talented actors from south. The shoot is on hold currently because of covid cases increased but once the situation is under control Manoj will resume the work and will finish his 10 days shoots and start working for Rahul Chitela ( who was Meera Nair's assistant) project.

Talking about his upcoming projects, Manoj says, “It continues to be hectic. With the commitments I have in hand, it is only going to be like this till the end of 2023. I am supposed to finish all the films I have committed to, it is exhausting. But I can’t help it. Only for this reason, I have stopped reading new scripts and taking narrations. At this point of time, I don’t have any dates.


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