Dibyenndu Bhattacharya : Catching Eyeballs

Dibyenndu Bhattacharya : Catching Eyeballs

Dibyendu Bhattacharya is an Indian film actor who works in Hindi cinema and Web series. He is best known for his role in Dev D. and as Layak Talukdar, Criminal Justice, for example.

There has been no looking back for Divyendu and no web series seem to be complete without him being cast. Most of the web series he appeared are followed by its second season.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya does not consider himself as a saleable star but people have noted him worldwide after watching his work in all the web series that he is part of.

His latest to catch the audience attention is SonyLIV’s Undekhi Season 2. The show started streaming from yesterday – March 04, 2022 and the people and crtics are raving about the terrific follow up to the engrossing season one of Undekhi.

Dibyenndu Bhattacharya in a candid interview with Lipika Verma spills beans about his journey so far and lots more.

Over to Dibyenndu Bhattacharya

What do you have to say about your journey on OTT platform, as you seem to be ruling the roost here?

Yes, I have received loads of love from the audience through this platform. This is what we all look forward to. Rest all is the by product. When you receive appreciation this is what pushes you forward .My journey has been working throughout. I started with Monsoon Wedding and,” Ab Tak Chappan,” Dev-D” and,” Black Friday a few more. I have done small and big roles and left an undying impression. My friend also told me that if anyone reads the history of Indian films .I will be seen in most of the films. Though, I have never planned, I feel it’s a divine intervention.

What difference do you see on OTT and films? What makes you happier OTT or films?

I am satisfied doing both films/shows. A few films of mine have never seen the light, “Box” has been stalled and will never be seen in festivals. This film was made before, “Trap.” “The Soul of Sand” directed by Sidharth Srinivasan which was selected for 2010 world premiere Toronto International Film Festival for Rotterdam. I am the main protagonist. I am not a saleable star so all these films didn’t work. It is of no use to do such films which fail to reach the audiences. OTT has a huge reach; it reaches more than 160 countries and is seen by people worldwide. People can watch in the comforts of four walls. Now since it is content driven industry writers have come up again. Good/fresh /new content is being written. It doesn’t need huge stars .This is a huge option for art form which people like to the fullest. They can watch Korean, Greece and much more content, but today no one wishes to watch regressive films.

Known for not being a saleable star, Dibyendu is happy doing different genre films and characters?

This is the system that has been prevailing for years that you are not saleable like the stars. So you do different kinds of films. If I was saleable then today I would have been dancing around the trees. I would have broken some walls (laughs) I would have been flying in the sky and would be flying cars on the grounds. But that is a film belonging to a particular genre. We should manage a balance. Our cultural ministry should treat this industry a s a cinema industry as a whole and we all know entertainment varies-Thrill and drama entertainment, high voltage family drama is an entertainment film while for some sexual content could be entertainment, action, comedy parameter will obviously varies .Financially also it varies from 1 crs to 10 cr or whatever .For all a showing platform is very essential.

I don’t work keeping the future in mind

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Tollywood massy films are ruling the roost in comparison to Bollywood?

Exactly what I think rooted films should be made that’s what Tollywood filmmakers are also doing. Films like, “Do Bheega Zameen, Awara, such films are rooted films. Mera Naam Joker flopped initially but did well as it is a rooted film. Such films are relatable to the whole world. When we showcase shallow content it turns out to be merely stereotypes.

You have been associated with different films and characters so in a way you also are a name to reckon with especially on OTT platforms .Now if you go back to films will you get better roles?

I don’t know. If filmmakers consider me for good roles I will work hard and will surely get appreciation. If it sees the light of the day with a good release I will be in the league of the winners. I don’t work keeping the future in mind. Whatever I get, I like to do it to the best of my ability.

What are your future films/shows?

Now I will be having releases of all season 2-Jamtara, Gone-Game 2, Khuda Hafiz 2.Rocket boys 2 .Season 1 was a huge hit. I have yet not got the role I want.

I have lot in me to be explored. I have a lot of literature in me. I watched Macbeth of Washington. I was shaken and wished I could do such.

What are your future films?

I have done two independent films. Girget being directed by a new director named Bappa and & Born baby being directed by Rajdeep Ghosh. Also done a Bangla independent film.  I am going to do a film with Director Ashish R. Shukla  OF Undekhi fame.

Will you do any South films?

Yes, if I get I will definitely like to work down South. However I have yet not got any films down South. I have got a few offers but at that time I was slightly busy thus could not work down South. I am longing to work in south films. Mahashala my nativity resembles them as well. That is a fantastic industry-Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam. We are film school students so we always like to do films in any language.


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