Freddy movie review: Kartik Aaryan excels in this dark, crackling, shocking and intense de noir psychological thriller

Freddy movie review: Kartik Aaryan excels in this dark, crackling, shocking and intense de noir psychological thriller

Freddy movie review: Kartik Aaryan excels in this dark, crackling, shocking and intense de noir psychological thriller     

What: - A dark, crackling, and intense evidence of Kartik Aaryan untapped brilliance as an actor and Shashanka Ghosh’s unknown twisted sensibilities and filmmaking abilities.

OTT movie Freddy synopsis

Dr. Freddy Ginwala (Kartik Aaryan) a known successful dentist is a shy clumsy person resulting in Dr. Freddy sometimes behaving awkwardly in public/social gatherings.

Rejected multiple times for his shy awkward behavior, Freddy is searching for a soul mate for quite few years.

Haunted by a traumatic past, Freddy finds peace in playing with his miniature planes and talking to best friend - his pet turtle ‘Hardy’.

One day a patient by the name Kainaaz (Alaya F) visits Dr. Freddy’s clinic. A bond develops between Freddy and  Kainaaz. Kainaaz is a married woman having hell of time with her abusive husband. Freddy comes with an unsual plan to get married to Kainaaz but there is a twist which changes the whole life of Freddy and Kainaaz and brings everyone on the edge. What happens next?.


OTT movie Freddy review

Freddy – this dark, crackling, and intense thriller drama that offers its subtle ode to the de noir female fatale genre directed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Parveez Sheikh uses the untapped star power of Kartik Aaryan and its gripping plot premise to maximum advantage.

The shift in the character design of Kartik Aaryan – the erstwhile current favorite heartthrob of the masses - the cool desi youth to an unpredicted, clumsy, Dentist who finds extraordinary courage after a shocking betrayal making him tough, intense, cunning and vengeful steals the show.

Many may have found it to be a risk for Kartik Aaryan considering his image but he nails it with tremendous conviction, getting into the skin of the character with ease and the efforts are seen. Reportedly Kartik has gained 14 kgs and all the handwork has brought amazing results.

Parveez Sheikh’s writing and Shashanka Ghosh’s free flowing lyrical narration that ensures the audience don,t leave the hook takes care of the Parsi milieu and atmosphere.

Freddy may not be that hallucinating, dark and outstandingly unique and high art like Homi Adjania’s Being Cyrus starring Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia but its focused and faithful to its genres and is audience delivering what the masters/doctors of this genre ordered.

Shashanka Ghosh is highly impressive and he wonderfully maintains the Hitchcokian element throughout and yes of course the female fatale part by Alaya F deserves special mention.

The girl Alaya F turns into a smart actress fitting into the female fatale role with conviction – beautifully deadly Alaya F makes sure that her acting chops makes the pain and suffering of Freddy more intense and relatable to the audience.

Plus Raymond Karan Pandit who is instrumental in the movie’s major twist is fine as well.


Ayananka Bose’s cinematography blends with the changing atmosphere, bright, dark and mystical splendidly. Chandan Arora’s editing is fine. Pritam’s music goes with the flow.


The movie suffers from predictability at crucial points. Some more footage of Freddy’s past childhood would have created wonders.

Final words

Freddy is an altogether different experience for Kartik Aaryan fans and its pretty good in its dark, intense tones. Alaya F also makes her presence felt in bold; Freddy is good enough and can’t be ignored.


Rating : 4/5

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