Good Luck Jerry movie review: exceptionally performed & memorably hilarious

Good Luck Jerry movie review: exceptionally performed & memorably hilarious

Good Luck Jerry movie review: exceptionally performed & memorably hilarious

What: Good Luck Jerry - Disney+Hotstar’s Good Luck Jerry starring Janhvi Kapoor – based on the 2018 Tamil black comedy Kolamaavu Kokila starring Nayanthara is an exceptionally performed & memorably hilarious fun.

OTT movie Good Luck Jerry movie synopsis

Janhvi Kapoor as Jaya "Jerry" Kumari a shy middle class girl, in the Punjab/ Delhi heartland is working in a massage parlour against the wish of her tough mother Mita Vashisht.  Mother dear sells veg momos to help in running the household. Jerry’s younger sister played by Samita Sudhiksha studies in college. Jerry’s father is no more. But their neighbor played by Neeraj Sood has a liking towards Jerry’s mother.   

One day, Jerry’s mother gets diagnosed with lung cancer and a whooping 20 Lakhs at least is required for her treatment. Jerry approaches for loan from the owner of the parlor but she refuses.

Accidently, one day in the busy Palika Bazar market Jerry bumps into a drug peddler resulting in an encounter with the local gangster dealing in drugs Timmy (Jaswant Singh Dalaal). Finding no other way, Jerry agrees to become a peddler for Timmy.

All is going well, suddenly one day someone tips the police about Jerrry. What happens next?


OTT movie Good Luck Jerry movie review

Take the 2018 Tamil black comedy Kolamaavu Kokila (which draws its inspiration from the neo western crime drama Breaking Bad – 2008- 2013) add some quirky essence of Korean gangster drama comedies like Marrying The Mafia (2002) and put it all together in the settings of a la Tanu Weds Manu and sprinkle it with a mix of both light hearted and quirky black humour.

Aanand L. Rai’s Jerry directed by Sidharth Sengupta and written by Pankaj Matta (Hindi version) original written by Nelson Dilipkumar is ready.

Hilarious right from the word go, director Sidharth Sengupta and writer Pankaj Matta thankfully don’t make a frame by frame Hindi version of Kolamaavu Kokila, yes it’s not a remake and the writer director fabulously use the North Indian Hindi Punjabi influence by establishing the character of Jerry and her family as Hindi speakers while the gangsters, the neighbor, etc speak in Punjabi tone.

The message of women empowerment gets conveyed convincingly in a subtle manner.

Shekhar (Deepak Dobriyal) the local charmingly happy go lucky lover of Jerry adds the refreshingly soothing layer of extremely pleasing comedy that will make you LOL every time.

Director Sidharth Sengupta and writer Pankaj Matta make necessary changes to the original Tamil black comedy Kolamaavu Kokila.

 Moments of fun and laughter keep on coming one after the another making it a nonstop hilarious laugh riot, few scenes will become memorable like – Janhvi Kapoor’s brilliance during the interval point, the one were Jhanvi, Deepak and the whole family introduce themselves to the drug dealer Malki (Saurabh Sachdeva) silently without saying a single word for example.


Good Luck Jerry is Jhanvi Kapoor show and she is just outstanding. Perfectly in sync with the right dialect, the actress nails it in her best till date. Exceptional.  

Deepak Dobriyal as Shekhar is a lesson on how to make a comic scene memorable with nuanced body language and method. Amazing brilliance.    

Mita Vashisht is outstanding just perfect.

Neeraj Sood is great fun.

Sushant Singh is excellent.

Saurabh Sachdeva as Malki is superb.

Jaswant Singh Dalaal as Timmy is fabulous.

Samita Sudhiksha as the younger sister leaves her mark.

Mohan Kamboj as Daddu is very good.


The dark quirky brilliance of Good Luck Jerry is marred by unwanted inclusions like the lover of the small sister. A couple of scenes are arranged to just take the movie forward.

Final words

Good Luck Jerry is not just Janhvi Kapoor’s best, it’s an exceptionally performed & memorably hilarious fun laced with dark humour steaming on Disney+Hotstar.



Rating : 4/5

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