Goodnight Mommy movie review: Twisty, Creepy & Baffling

 Goodnight Mommy movie review: Twisty, Creepy & Baffling

Goodnight Mommy movie review: Twisty, Creepy & Baffling

What: Naomi Watts starrer Goodnight Mommy streaming on Amazon Prime Video is a twisty, creepy and baffling remake of the 2014 Austrian entry in the best Foreign Language category at the 88th Academy Awards.

OTT movie Goodnight Mommy synopsis

A remake of the 2014 Austrian film, Goodnight Mommy (written and directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala), the remake directed by Matt Sobel stars Naomi Watts as the Mother.

This creepy psychological thriller about two twin teenage brothers (played by the real life Crovetti siblings, Nicholas and Cameron) who suspect that their mother under a permanent face mask, owing to a face surgery, is not their own.

Dropped off by their father at their mansion inhabited by their mom, the twins start sensing something unusual and bizarre about their mother who is on a perpetual reprimanding mode.

She doesn't love them or sing them lullabies. She loses her cool even when the boys do something frivolous.

While they start investigating and try to unravel the mystery about the lady being an imposter, that even extends to peel off their mom's mask while she is in a jacuzzi, things eventually turn dirty with her bouts of hysteria.

She turns maniacal and wreaks havoc. Elias and Lucas, reeling under emotional turmoil and dread, run away from the house. What happens next?.


Goodnight Mommy movie review: Twisty, Creepy & Baffling

Sobel conjures an eerie surrounding keeping the elements of gothic horror intact in the mansion that seems to harbour a lot of mysteries. While under the mask for more than half of the runtime, it doesn't affect the potential and the infinite capability of Naomi Watts who renders a sincere performance as a troubled and disturbed mother. The dilemma portrayed by the Crovetti brothers is heartwrenchingly palpable and authentic.

Sobel doesn't shy away from introducing a bizarre and ' psychotic' departure to the scheme of things that makes the plot denser. There is a little detour from its Austrian original, but the intrigue us in dollops.

I go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Goodnight Mommy. I am not judging in terms of its remake quality, but the overall milieu and its tense world bought me.

Goodnight Mommy is streaming on Amazon Prime from 16 September 2022.


Rating : 3.5/5

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