Jaadugar movie review: An affirming ode to the magic of love

Jaadugar movie review: An affirming ode to the magic of love

Jaadugar movie review: An affirming ode to the magic of love

What: Jaadugar- more of an affirming ode to the magic of love than a proper sports flick, Netflix’s Jaadugar starring Jitendra Kumar is a feel good story of love which uses sports as a backdrop.

OTT movie Jaadugar synopsis

Meenu, a passionate small-time magician is the son of a passionate footballer in India’s small town Neemuch (in reality - a town in the malwa region – the north western part of MP) that is crazy about football due to a local Football legend (the football craze might be fictional).

Meenu lacks athletic skill and is not all interested in football; he is keen to marry his love Disha (Arushi Sharma).

However, before marriage Meenu has to prove himself to his love, his uncle – the coach of his colony’s Football team and come triumph in the prestigious inter-colony football tournament which is the dream of Meenu’s uncle and his late father.


OTT movie Jaadugar review


It would have been an ideal movie for King Khan Shah Rukh Khan by Kundan Shah or Aziz Mirza during his early days soon after Fauji, or may be during those ‘Chamatkar’ days…

Anyways, Jaadugar written by Biswapati Sarkar and directed by Sameer Saxena starring the internet sensation Jitendra Kumar is a heartwarming family entertainer that talks about the magic of love.

Biswapati Sarkar’s writing has everything – love story, sports, fairy tale feeling, feel good atmosphere, likable characters, a charming lead, a message, some laughter, some heartbreak, some thrill, but it lacks the overall winning sweep.

Jaadugar is good, but it could have been much better.

Ruled by simplicity of the characters and free flowing water kind of narration, Jaadugar has some charming moments which will touch your heart.




Jitendra Kumar shines bright and wins your heart once again.

Jaaved Jaaferi as the uncle and the brother who is reeling under guilt is outstanding.

Arushi Sharma is charming.

Manoj Joshi as the famous magician, Meenu’s idol is fabulous.




Jaadugar is predictable and wobbles between genres, some scenes are hurried and at times the writer and the director over ambitious desire to do multiple things at a time back fires. Some back story of the football team would have created wonders.


Final words

Jaadugar has flaws like humans and their families, the overwhelming quality of Jaadugar to charm throughout and make us believe in the magic of love makes this heartwarming family entertainer a decent watch with your near and dear ones.


Rating : 3/5

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