Love Hostel review: Dark, Gritty & Hard Hitting

Love Hostel review: Dark, Gritty & Hard Hitting

Love Hostel review: Dark, Gritty & Hard Hitting

What: Love Hostel review: Shanker Raman is back after the solid debut with Gurgaon to deliver a dark, gritty, hard hitting & brutal movie against honor killings streaming on ZEE5.

OTT movie Love Hostel synopsis

Jyoti Dilawar (Sanya Malhotra) has eloped with her lover Ashu aka Ahmed Shaukeen(Vikrant Massey). Their religion is a hurdle in this world. Family is against them and a merciless brutal and ruthless mercenary killer Dagar (Bobby Deol) is hired to hunt them and finish it off. Will Jyoti and Ashu survive?


OTT movie Love Hostel review

OTT movie Love Hostel review

It shocks, rocks in its ‘reality’ way ahead of those mushy tum pas aaye Kuch Kucj Hota Hai rom com or those love stories with happy or sad endings. Is pyar ke dushman jahan mein (literally) bahut kuch hota hai.

Love Hostel is a disturbing reminder of the khap world of law – whoever stands against it will be punished. Shanker Raman continues from where he left from Gurgaon to the interiors of Haryana for his cinematic statement against Honour killings, it political, brave and brutal.

It’s a solid movie were not just the characters who are speaking, the bystanders who are witnesses to a shocking death are probing and asking is there is any place, space left completely safe for lovers in this country.

Lovers are either hanged, shot or burnt alive, with Love Hostel Shanker Raman has established himself as a indie de noir filmmaker with a difference with his moody, radical and political approach. It’s a rare breed.

Lovers eloping and hunted by a killer is a known format but Shanker Raman with his sheer brilliance makes it a compulsory viewing.

Its chilling when we see Dagar on a shooting spree in the ‘safe’ house were other couples are also kept awaiting their turn to be taught a lesson. Usne Diwali ki jagah Eid chun li’ says Dagar justifying his act.

The disturbing picture of the younger brother of Jyoti completely in favour of his Dadi’s ideology, he even bashes his elder sister for falling in love with a Muslim guy who father is alleged as an anti national and is accused of supplying the banned meat.

 ‘Gurgaon’ had more drama and psychology as compared to ‘Love Hostel’, here the track is almost single.

The reason behind Dagar’s menace is not properly established. The climax is a classic no doubt and the edgy action is first rate.




Bobby Deol owns it completely as Dagar and is deadly right from the world go. Now it’s proven that Bobby is best when he bad. Bobby is outstanding, superb.

Sanya Malhotra is flawless.

Vikrant Massey is excellent.


Any solid scene in Love Hostel


When Bobby Deol enters the safe house, the climax and the part involving those homosexuals.


Final words

Love Hostel is dark, gritty, hard – hitting, brutally probing cinema that demands compulsory viewing.


Rating : 3.5/5

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