Shut Up Sona review: Daring!!

Shut Up Sona review: Daring!!

Shut Up Sona review: Daring!!

What: Shut Up Sona - The national award winning documentary featuring Songstress Sona Mohapatra is an intimate account of her unrelenting rebellion against the deep rooted misogyny that pervades into the realm of the music industry.


Shut Up Sona documentary review

Made by Deepti Gupta, it throws light on the different dimensions of Sona - the singer, the rebel and most importantly, the woman in her.

Sona was the undisputed controversy girl when she was trolled by netizens on social media for wearing revealing outfits that offended religious sentiments. She was even issued a FIR!

Deepti's narrative shows Sona in her most candid moments, casts an non-judgemental eye on her outspoken, blunt, fierce and outrageous persona that she embodies.

Mostly revealed through her conversations - with her husband Ram Sampath, or her band members, she comes across as a non-hold barred and transparent person.


Shut up Sona produced by Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath and it travelled to multiple film festivals in Delhi, Mumbai( MAMI), Gothenburg and Rotterdam. In one of the tender moments, she asks her hubby whether she wants to be known as an artist or an activist , following a conversation on IIT Mumbai which didn't invite her to perform at its annual fest.

In the case of Sona, she is a blend of both. A dedicated artist and a staunch activist who voices her views vociferously - she launched a diatribe against 'Bhai' Salman Khan following his 'raped woman' comment during Sultan promotions. She even alleged Anu Malik of gross sexual misconduct during the #MeToo wave.

The film is a vivid portrait of the politics of an artist. It also shows her mystic inclination - her devotion in music that spanned the Sufiyana rhythms soaked in spirituality, the sensual corridors of Mirabai or the exploration of Bhakti. She imbibed them in her music and exhibited them profoundly in her concerts

In the film's concluding scene, Sona is shown sitting pensively in a boat alone, and there are speech bubbles filled with vitriolic misogynistic comments and the voice over is of news anchor taking about Sabarimala and other flashpoints.

Women feel the pain of being in this country where their existence is so strongly resented and deeply repressed. Shut up Sona reflects that, or probably makes their case larger than their individuality.


I go with 4 stars. The 1 hour 25 mins documentary is streaming on Zee 5 from 1-July-2022.


Rating : 4/5

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