Aarya season 3 review: The gripping revenge saga is carved in blood this time!

Aarya season 3 review: The gripping revenge saga is carved in blood this time!

Aarya season 3 review: The gripping revenge saga is carved in blood this time!

What – Aarya season 2 - Disney plus Hotstar’s flagship web series Aarya is back with its third season and the titular protagonist played by Sushmita Sen, gets fiercer and fierier when a new nemesis emerges from the past to settle scores with her.

Aarya season 3 synopsis

Cobbled in the world of dangerous family business and ominous karmic connections, Aarya stands emotionally battered and physically bruised in her battle against the odds and rivals. She takes a bullet in the first shot of the episode which then flashes back into the past. Is it the gunshot by her nemesis?

The nemeses, Suraj (Indraniel Sengupta) is blood-thirsty and is in hot pursuit to avenge the death of his wife, Nandita, wreaking havoc of Aarya’s family. The revenge gets personal with Suraj abducts the close and loved members from Aarya’s den. The first one is Roop who is in charge of the consignments logistics and is in love with Aarya’s son, followed by her best friend Maaya. On the other hand, ACP Khan (Vikas Kumar) is relentlessly after Aarya and leaves no stone unturned to get her arrested.


Aarya season 3 review

Show runner Ram Madhvani’s series is a heady cocktail of emotions, drama, and deceptions. Along with Kapil Sharma and Shraddha Pasi Jairath, Writers Khushboo Raj and Amit Raj deliver a strong material that injects dollops of tension into the plot where there are twists and betrayals at every point. Aarya 3 unfolds with an unrelenting urgency, escalated with perfection by Madhvani and uplifted with spiritual chants and a moody background score.

New players like Ila Arun also get introduced in this season. Sushmita Sen fights the battle like a lone and wounded warrior. Sen, although mellowed down and saddled with a singularly pitched and modulated voice, is sincere and does justice to the part of the fearless mother who can go to any level to protect her family. Her wafadaar like Vishwajeet Pradhan and Maya Sarao justify their parts with earnest performances. Vikas Kumar who exudes an inherent sense of decency from his persona is equally good. But the series derives its emotional gravitas from Aarya’s son, Veer (Veer Vazhiani) and Roop (Shweta Pasricha), whose love story is given a tragic end by Suraj, played with a maniacal streak by Indraniel.

Aarya season 3 final words

With a runtime of around 40 minutes each, the episodes are designed smartly and with immaculate depth which keep you riveted throughout. The action scenes are competently staged and resonate with true international standards.

I go with 4 stars out of 5 for Aarya 3. Created and co-directed by the ace filmmaker Ram Madhvani and co-produced by Amita Madhavni, Ram Madhvani, Ram Madhvani Films and Endemol Shine India, Aarya Season 3 is set to stream exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar from 3rd November onwards.

PS: The review is based on the first 4 episodes of Season 3.




Rating : 4/5

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