Aashram 3 review: A deadlier Bobby Deol makes it a worthy watch

Aashram 3 review: A deadlier Bobby Deol makes it a worthy watch

Aashram 3 review: A deadlier Bobby Deol makes it a worthy watch

What: Aashram 3 -  Prakash Jha's tale of unscrupulous god men gets murkier with the third installment of the famed series and hence the prefix 'Ek Badnaam.." makes the title more apt.

OTT web series Ek Badnaam…Aashram Season 3 synopsis

Baba Niraala, played by Bobby Deol( in top-form) continuing with his megalomaniac traits, bends every rule to suit himself and has turned out to be a more power hungry adversary.

The 'badnaam' aashram indulges in exploiting women, illicit drug trade and control the town's politics.

Caught in the quagmire is Pammi(Aaditi Pohankar) who is on a desperate run from the aashram, is having sleepless nights to seek revenge from Baba Niraala.


If the former installments built the premise of the infamous empire of Niraala, Aashram 3 focuses on the berserk that triggers when Pammi escapes and the subsequent chaos in Niraala's psyche who dreads being exposed. He turns deadlier, loses self-control and strongly asserts that he is above God!


OTT web series Ek Badnaam…Aashram Season 3 review

Jha stages the intrigue deftly; lending the show the feel of a tout thriller. The episodes which run into 45+ minutes don't feel lengthy either.

 Aashram 3 gets a crisp editing(Santosh Mandal) and impressive background track (Advait Nimlekar).

The writers infuse generous  drama and urgency into the plot and also introduce new characters. Esha Gupta is the new entrant whose character woos Niraala, but there is a closely guarded motive.

Gaining popularity and acclaim in the OTT space, Bobby Deol smashes his part here as well. He is sufficiently brooding, intense and conniving. It is nice to see the actor experiment with myriad character shades and getting it right!

He is ably surrounded by an array of impressive actors - Aaditi, Chandan Roy, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, Adhyayan Suman and Tridha.

Aaditi etches her character arc nicely. The actress consciously depicts the journey of Pammi's evolution from a Baba bhakt to a fiery whistleblower.

Final words

Aashram 3, on the whole, is a worthy follow-up to the sensational series that has won acclaims for Jha since 2020. I recommend you binge watch it over the weekend.

Going with 3.5 stars out of 5. The 10-part season is streaming on MX Player.


Rating : 3.5/5

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