Abhay 3 review: A worthy follow-up to the dark and intriguing crime series.

Abhay 3 review: A worthy follow-up to the dark and intriguing crime series.

Abhay 3 review: A worthy follow-up to the dark and intriguing crime series.

What: Abahy season 3 review - There is no end to the sinister and evil psychology that grips the world in current times. And the plotline of Abhay S3 validates the same.

Abhay season 3 review

Directed by Ken Ghosh with Kunal Khemu reprising the role of the titular tough cop, this one gets murkier and darker. This new season sees the entry of Dr Anant Sinha (A brilliant Vijay Raaz), the chief psychiatrist of an asylum who has an inexplicable alter ego and a cult following of disciples which includes Nidhi (played by Vidya Malvade).

ACP Abhay Pratap Singh, who is seen to battle his personal demons, is tasked and obsessed to nab the criminal behind a series of gory killings on secluded highways.

Produced by Zee Studios, Abhay S3 boasts of a stellar cast. Kunal Kemmu along with Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh reprise their roles.

Vijay Raaz, who was shown as the 'brute dark force' in the teasers is menacing as the prime antagonist and Rahul Dev plays Avatar who is a fearless fighter, sharpshooter and a threat to Abhay.

Divya Agarwal is the new addition to this season. She along with Tanuj Virwani play social media influencers, Harleen and Kabir but with a dark side.

They engage in gruesome murders of strangers, but there is an intricate angle to it.

Ghosh, who last directed the thriller State of Siege: Temple Attack on Zee5, displays a nuanced understanding of the criminal psychology and makes Abhay 3 intriguing.

The series unfolds lazily but the raises stakes at the end of each episode, urging the viewer to look for what happens next.


Final words

Crime genre is addictive and Ghosh's approach is a testament to it. He has a knack for visual aesthetics and his product doesn't go overboard with grisly graphics.

Khemu has a flair for comedy and he did exceedingly well in comic roles. But as the hot-headed, no-nonsense and brooding protagonist who is fighting psychopaths and his messed up life, he is equally credible and shines in every frame.

He has evolved with each season like a seasoned actor and you see him at crossroads between his own existence and the job at hand.

Just like the previous installments, Abhsy S3 is gory, disturbing and bold. It forays into the twisted human psychology and does that with aplomb.

I go with 3.5 stars.


Rating : 3.5/5

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