Code M Season 2 Review: Absorbing to the hilt

Code M Season 2 Review: Absorbing to the hilt

Code M Season 2 Review: Absorbing to the hilt

In the first season of Code M, we saw a die-hard Army Major taking on the antagonist forces heads-on with jaw dropping bravado and delicious dare devilry.

In the new season, created by Ektaa R Kapoor and produced by Jio Studios in association with Juggernaut Productions, Major Monica Mehra( played by Jennifer Winget) collides with her troubled past on her deadly quest to unearth the malfeasance and deeper conspiracies.

The Chief Minister is attacked inside the Army Base camp during Kargil Day event. The assassin, who is suspected to belong to a terror outfit, is a trained agent in the guise of a chef. Major Mehra, who is now deputed in the Military Intelligence, is assigned the task to bust the nexus that masterminded the attack and also hunt down a vigilante group that kills corrupt individuals who are responsible for the ghastly assassination of Army officers.

Director Akshay Choubey offers a thrilling investigation drama and edge-of-the seat roller coaster with generous action and dollops of fast-paced chases.

Spanning across 8 episodes, each within 20 minutes of run time, the screenplay by Aniruddha Guha and Niharika Puri, builds intrigue like a heavy-duty commercial potboiler, aided with a pulsating background score.

Jennifer Winget is pitched with an unfailing heroism as Major Mehra who fights and fists with the enemies with fervour. She delivers with aplomb, and her bravura is no less than Hollywood's femme fatales and spies.

She is surrounded with an array of able actors - Atul Kumar playing her father, Swanand Kirkire as the protocol-nazi CBI Chief, Eklavya Kashyap as her right hand officer and Tanuj Virmani playing her grumpy closest friend. However, Rajat Kapoor is sincerely missed in this season.


Final words

The writing is quite average and simplistic compared to the first season. The writers resort to many conveniences while tackling the plot around the Army but the tight and crisp execution glosses over its weak edges, giving you an absorbing series you would want to binge watch.

This season has a riveting climax and the stakes are already raised for the next. I go with 3.5 stars out of 5.


Rating : 3.5/5

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