Masoom review: mystically intense & lyrically immersive

Masoom review: mystically intense & lyrically immersive

Masoom review: mystically intense & lyrically immersive

What: Masoom - Boman Irani’s OTT debut on Disney+Hotstar is a mystically intense & lyrically immersive adaptation by Mihir Desai of the acclaimed 2018 Irish series Blood

OTT web series Masoom synopsis

In a small town Falauli in Punjab a respected doctor Kapoor ((Boman Irani) wife - Upasana Singh dies. everyone believes her death was an accident, except his heartbroken daughter Sana Kapoor (Samara Tijori), who mistrusts her father because of a childhood trauma.

Shocked, and shattered at the sudden demise of her mother, Sana takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery behind the incident, even though her family that includes her father, her elder sister - Manjari Fadnis and her brother - Veer Rajwant Singh opposing her move.

As Sana unravels the mystery, the skeletons from the past emerge confronting everyone in this psychological thriller.


OTT web series Masoom review

OTT web series Masoom review

After Hostages, Disney+Hotstar bring another terrific roller coaster thriller – Masoom but this time it comes with an intensely lyrical analogy on duty, morality, love, faith, fate, compassion, betrayal, family, parenthood, crime, sin, guilt, forgiveness, redemption and more..

How we turned judgmental, how someone from the family comes under scanner turning into a black sheep by the action of another family member is intriguing and self probing to the hilt.

The writing by Satyam Tripathi in this gripping six episode series is bang on target right from the first frame. As Sana is confronted by the local policeman - Manurishi Chaddha for violating a traffic rule and Sana enters her house to face the shattering news of her mother’s accidental death, the tension moulds lyrically with a sufi number getting played in the back drop.

The family members are intriguing and identifiable characters and their stories adds to the unexpected twist and surprises.

From whodunit, to dark, de noir to mystery to a emotional family drama, the Mirzapur fame director Mihir Desai and writer Satyam Tripathi add the quintessential Punjabi atmosphere echoed by a that sufi poem adding to the identity and maintaining the interest level.



Disney + Hotstar

Boman Irani excels as a caring and loving head of the family who can go to any length to protect his loved ones from any danger. Nuanced, controlled and all round convincing. Welcome to OTT Boman.

Samara Tijori as the daughter who has doubts and is fighting a past convincingly displays her vulnerability and fears. Coming as a woman who has a mind of her own, Samara gives a striking performance.

Manjari Fadnis as the elder daughter who trusts her father more than anyone else is amazingly natural.

Veer Rajwant Singh as the son who has a secret is fine.

 Manurishi Chaddha impresses in a short role.

Last but not the least - Upasana Singh as the wife of Doctor Kapoor is simply outstanding.



Disney + Hotstar

Inclusion of that creepy uncle who is behind Sana is an example of forced sensationalism.


Final words

There are many reasons to watch Masoom, a truthful, mystically intense & lyrically immersive adaptation of the acclaimed Irish series Blood. Boman Irani’s super debut on OTT, a intriguing, probing, psychological thriller coming with an analogy of human behavior laced by a soulful sufi composition by Anand Bhaskar collective.


Rating : 4/5

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