Suzhal: The Vortex review: a solid tight thriller

Suzhal: The Vortex review: a solid tight thriller

Suzhal: The Vortex review: a solid tight thriller

What: Suzhal: The Vortex – a tight thriller that plays on your psyche and emotions in equal capacities.

OTT web series Suzhal: The Vortex synopsis

5 years back, Pushkar and Gayatri gave one of the most crisp and smart thrillers - Vikram Vedha (bringing R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi together on screen) which is still remembered by the audience. The writer duo's sophomore project "Suzhal - the Vortex" is a taut investigation drama set in the quaint hills of a small town in Tamil Nadu.

A 15-year old school girl, Nila, goes missing and this triggers a routine hunt by the police team, led by the famed and tough Inspector Regina (Sriya Reddy) and his subordinate, Sakkarai( Kathir). Not in good terms with Regina, the girl's father, Shanamugham (R. Parthiban) is a union leader in a factory caught in the whirlpool of unrest between the workers and the owners.

With strong suspicion that Nila was abducted by his stalker from a secluded place, her sister, Nandini( Aishwarya Rajesh) also plunges into the search along with Sakkarai which leads to unearthing some startling and discomforting mysteries.


OTT web series Suzhal: The Vortex review

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Director duo Bramma and Anucharam conjure up a complex thriller that's compelling and equally unsettling. The 8-episode series sucks you into its world that's garnished with oodles of intrigue. Each of the parts, running into 40 odd minutes end with a crescendo and cliff- hanger, making way for the next.

The makers deftly articulate the tension that spirals and disrupts the decorum of the sleepy town.The narrative works smartly on the emotions of the people affected with the incident. The gorgeous landscape of the Nilgiris hills, shot spectacularly, lends the canvas. The festivities and deity worships depicted adds to the cultural ethos and fabric of the tiny populace.

But what really works in favour of the show are its characters' arcs and the solid performances from the pivotal star cast.



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Sriya Reddy gives a smashing performance as Regina who is caught between morality and duty. Kathir imbues Sakkarai with an unmistakable impulsiveness and raw energy. Aishwarya Rajesh is terrific and brings out the pathos of the tragedy immaculately.

Parthiban is flawless.


Final words

Suzhal the Vortex is Amazon Prime's first original Tamil series that's releasing in over 240 countries and more than 30 Indian and foreign languages. The anticipation of this massive show is completely justified by the thrill and the moral ambiguities it offers.

I go with 4 stars out of 5. The series is streaming on Prime Video from 17th June 2022.


Rating : 4/5

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