Sutlyian review: modest & charming

Sutlyian ZEE5 modest & charming

What: ZEE5 Sutlyian though a fuzzy family drama is charmingly modest in building the small town milieu around.

OTT web series Sutlyian synopsis

Set in Bhopal, Sutliyan tells the story of three siblings Rajan (Shiv Pandit), Ramini (Plabita Borthakur) and Raman (Vivaan Shah) who visit their widowed mother (Ayesha Raza) after a gap of one and half years to celebrate Diwali together.

The heartwarming social drama fondly observes the dysfunctional family and the ties of love that binds them.


OTT web series Sutlyian review


Ranjan played by Shiv Pandit grapples with bankruptcy of his company and wants to sell off their land in the hometown which was very dear to his late father (Vivek Mushraan).

This is doesn't fly with Ramani (Plabita) who condemns his brother as selfish and opportunist.The youngest one Raman(Vivaan) feels that he is the neglected child in the family and takes refuge in dopes.

Meanwhile, their mother, who is trying to overcome the loneliness after her husband's death, has started a small scale business of macrame - and has named it as ' Sutliyan', the term finds its metaphorical significance in the threads that bind the family together.

It's a homecoming for the three children and the makers infuse a lot of relatable nostalgia within you. As they unite physically over years, they try to sort out the emotional baggage’s and unresolved conflicts.

Sutliyan beautifully examines the process of their spiritual cleansing.


Writing & Direction


The writing by Abhishek Chatterjee and Sudeep Nigam is intimate and nuanced, and director Shree Narayan Singh establishes an emotional connect with the viewer by exploring the dilemmas of the pivotal characters. Its strength lies with the depicted simplicity and restores your faith in goodness.

DoP Anshuman Mahaley vividly lenses Bhopal and captures the essence of the small town with all its ethnic vibes.




Sutliyan benefits from the earnest performances of the star cast.

It actually feels like they are a family who are having their own share of happiness and sorrow, grudges and camaraderie.

Ayesha Raza as Supriya is convincing as the matriarch of the Chandel family. She imbues Supriya with grace, dignity and resilience.

Shiv, Plabita and Vivaan are effortless in their respective parts.

Vivek Mushraan, as the father, does a memorable cameo.

Niharika Lyra Dutt, who had made an impact in Paatal Lok, is good in conveying the dilemmas of the conflicted lover.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Sunil Sinha after a long time, playing Lokiji, a genuine confidante to Supriya.



Sutlyian final words

The 8-episode series is produced by Manor Rama Pictures, unfolds breezily like a warm, slice-of-life drama, peppered with light-hearted humor and stinging mental turmoil. It transported me to the bygone era of the clean and hygienic Doordarshan serials, free from blood and gore.

I go with 3.5 stars out of 5 for Sutliyan. The series is streaming on Zee5.


Rating : 3.5/5

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