The Broken News review: In-depth and insightful

The Broken News review: In-depth and insightful

The Broken News review: In-depth and insightful

What: Broken News - Based on the popular British series, Press, the 8 episode web series on ZEE5 is In-depth and insightful. Starring Sonali Bendre in her OTT debut, the fascinating series exposes the evils but exaggerates as well.

OTT web series The Broken News synopsis

Based on the popular British series, Press, The Broken News, produced by BBC Studios India and directed by Vinay Waikul, chronicles the rivalry of two news networks and reveals the lives, love and struggles of a dynamic group of journalists.

Awaaz Bharati is an ethical new channel, headed by Ameena Qureshi ( Sonali Bendre in her OTT debut).The rival outfit, Josh 24/7 News, headed by the unscrupulous editor-in-chief, Deepankar Sanyal(Jaydeep Ahlawat), sternly advocates sensationalism and invasive journalism.

Caught in the quagmire of conflicting ideologies is Awaaz Bharati's Radha Bhargava( played by Sriya Pilgaonkar) who believes in ethical journalism but is frustrated with the restrictions that come along her way.


OTT web series The Broken News review


Waikul provides an in-depth and insider view of the world of journalism and breaking news outlined with the cut-throat competition for TRPs. In the process, the writing team adorns the starcast with authentic character shades, that sometimes feels exaggerated for dramatization.

 Like Dipankar says, " Khabar ko pehle media mein pakaiye...phir junta mein parosiye" , Broken News goes that extra mile to titillate its plot. However, it is blessed with solid performances.

Marking her comeback and debut in the streaming space, Sonali Bendre is in good form. Sriya Pilgaonkar is escalating new heights and each of her performances are noteworthy. After Guilty Minds that dabbled in the world of law and justice, Sriya nails her part in the news space.

But the real scene stealer is Ahlawat whose character gives that razor-sharp sheen and shrewdness that infests the realm of politics, betrayal, greed and compromises. His dialogues particularly carry the bite! These pivotal characters are surrounded with an impressive supporting base comprising Kiran Kumar, Aakash Khurana, Indranil Sengupta, Faisal Rashid and Sangeeta Bhattacharya, who who lend gravitas to the conflicting ethics of the two disparate worlds


Final words

Contained in 8 episodes each with close to 40 minutes run time, The Broken News is a series worth binge watching as it gives a nuanced view of the business and polity of daily news, the biting reality behind it and the tough  equilibrium that the journalists try to strike, balancing their integrity and ambitions.

I go with 3.5 stars. It is streaming on Zee5 from 10th June.




Rating : 3.5/5

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