Yeh Dooriyan review: poignantly intimate

Yeh Dooriyan review: poignantly intimate

Yeh Dooriyan review: poignantly intimate

What: Yeh Dooriyan – Manjari Fadnis and Paresh Pahuja give a poignantly intimate account of love, relationship, friendship, and more in this mini-series.

OTT web series Yeh Dooriyan synopsis

Kumar Vikram Singh (Paresh Pahuja) is a screenwriter working in Mumbai. Aisha Sharma Singh (Manjari Fadnis) is an infrastructure consultant based out of New Delhi.

The second marriage anniversary of Vikram and Aisha is around the corner and both Vikram and Aisha are about to reunite in Mumbai. Though they are well connected virtually on their smart phones from dawn to dusk but the excitement to meet in person is something different.

Unfortunately, the evil Covid scare forces Lockdown everywhere the world shuts down and people are restricted in their respective homes.

Back to their ‘virtual’ reality how Vikram and Aisha cope with their anxiety, differences, life struggles, how their relationship takes various turns from Bappi Da To Mozhart to Salsa to Satyajit Ray, while one makes hay during this forced imprisonment and finds mojo, the other struggles for survival and gets frustrated and demotivated.

Will life be ‘normal’ once again, will Vikram and Aisha become the ‘one’ when they met once again. How true and honest are we to ourselves and our beloved. All such questions get answered in this fascinating four-episode mini-series.


OTT web series Yeh Dooriyan review

Writer director Souvik Gupta realistic study on the ‘virtual’ relationship captures the ramification of the choices we take and the decisions we make. Yeh Dooriyan peeps into the phone cameras of Vikram and Aisha taking the lockdown due to Covid as a tool resulting in a micro macro approach were, we get the identification of the characters within seconds.

The conversations are simple and identifiable yes may be restricted to the city (metro) level but that’s the target audience isn,t it.

A ‘virtual’ love story is successful in exploring the reality of two different individuals in love and how the already long-distance relationship gets tested in the forced lockdown.

Souvik Gupta in Yeh Dooriyan hits the right notes of the young/middle age urban mindset and in the process informs about the difference between close and being together.

A good narration/story telling is all about how smartly you use the situation and mould your characters accordingly. The situation or say the space given to Aisha and Vikram define them, bring their individuality, the back ground of Aisha when she comes on screen is vibrant, colourful and hopeful as compared to Vikram which at times seems distinct, lonely, trapped in his own shell.

Such nuances add layers to the series and the audience is kept involved throughout the conversations. Call it a stage play but, on a phone, where a couple is constantly talking and finding out what went wrong.

The glitch however is the character of Vikram’s friend which lacks the required development though it adds a unique angle.



Manjari Fadnis as Aisha is the heart and soul. She is also the co producer so she takes extra care in not going wrong anywhere.

Aisha holds your attention right from the first frame and delivers a completely natural and loving portray of Aisha a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Aisha’s worry, pain comes out wonderfully by Manjari Fadnis in a controlled, nuanced and subtle act.

Vikram played by Paresh Pahuja is a good example of man ruled by his impulsive instincts. If Manjari is the heart and soul, Vikram is the body and mind that makes it complete. Vikram’s doubts, anxiety, loneliness, the fear of survival (well that’s what many many of us have faced during that pandemic horror while staying indoors). Vikram is relatable, real and fantastic.


Final words

Yeh Dooriyan is poignantly intimate take on the reality behind the ‘virtual’ relationships between people, their place, their space, a love story, a coming of age drama all in one powered by outstanding performance by Manjari Fadnis and Paresh Pahuja. Its streaming on YouTube (Humharamovie).


Rating : 3.5/5

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