Pooja Hegde : “Prerana is my best performance till date

Pooja Hegde : “Prerana is my best performance till date

Pooja Hegde : “Prerana is my best performance till date

Pooja Hegde is one of the biggest stars in the country. She is ready with her new movie Radhe Shyam in Telugu and Hindi will be releasing this Friday – March 11, 2022.

In a free willing interview, Pooja Hegde talks about her role, working with Prabhas, her films with Salman and Ranveer, and why she charges a bomb.

There was no way I could say no to Radhe Shyam

Pooja Hegde is busy with the promotions of Radhe Shyam and says that the offer came to her five years back. "The moment I started hearing the script, I made up my mind that I should do this film. After knowing it was opposite Prabhas and will be a pan-India project there was no way I could say no to it" says Pooja.

Comparing Radhe Shyam to Titanic is silly

Ever since the new trailer showcasing a ship has come out, everyone thinks that Radhe Shyam has a basic storyline of Titanic. When asked about the same, Pooja says "Comparing Radhe Shyam to Titanic is silly. Just because there is a ship, our film does not become Titanic. The only similarity between these two films is that the climax happens on a ship".

I do believe in astrology

Prabhas plays a palmist in the film which is a part of astrology. When asked whether she believes in astrology, Pooja says "I do believe in astrology and have taken services of noted astrologers to know about my future in films. But Prabhas does not believe in all this and that is the reason our combo was even interesting.

I never used glycerine in Radhe Shyam

Pooja Hegde is playing a doctor named Prerana in Radhe Shyam which is a romantic drama. She has a meaty role and the story revolves around her. When asked about it, Pooja says"I have not used any glycerine in any of the emotional scenes as tears came out automatically. There is so much depth in my role and Prerana is my best performance to date"

Prabhas opens up very late

Prabhas is a big star but is also the one who is quite shy in real life. When asked about working with such an introvert, Pooja says "Prabhas is a person who opens up quite late. It took time for him to ease out with me but the moment he did, the star hero took good care of me. He used to send home-cooked food on a daily basis to me and my mother. Our chemistry is going to be crackling in the film".

I have no differences with Prabhas

Since the making of the film, there has been much written about Pooja and Prabhas not getting along well and they did not even speak to each other. "All these are basic rumors. Radhe Shyam was made for a period of four years. So, to be in no talking terms is just impossible. I am happily promoting the film with him and he too is quite fond of me" says Pooja.


I could not match up to Ranveer's energy

Pooja Hegde is doing a biggie Bollywood film Cirkus with Ranveer Singh directed by Rohit Shetty. "We are almost done with the shoot and I am having a ball on the sets of Rohit sir. Coming to Ranveer, it is so hard to match up to his energy. We have a solid role together and our chemistry will be quite refreshing" says Pooja.


I was shocked to see Salman's craze

Pooja has recently gone on a Dabangg tour with Salman and says "This was my first ever tour and also stage performance. I was feeling quite nervous but Salman made me so comfortable. Only during the tour, did I get to see the craze of Salman. He is something else and I am very eager to shoot with him".


Producers pay me big because i eserve it

Producers pay me big because i deserve it

Pooja Hegde is the highest paid actress in the south and has been paid a whopping 5 crores for Mahesh Babu's next. When asked about it, Pooja says "I have given a decent number of hits and all my producers like me and that is the reason, they along with the big stars are also repeating me. When it comes to my remuneration, everyone is paying me high because I deserve it and work hard on my films.


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