Ram Charan: “Would love to do Hindi movies with T series, Yash Raj Films”

Ram Charan: “Would love to do Hindi movies with T series, Yash Raj Films”

Ram Charan: “Would love to do Hindi movies with T series, Yash Raj Films”

RRR is just days away from its release. Ram Charan is busy touring the country and speaks to us about the big offer, working with NTR and Alia Bhatt, how Rajamouli helped him, and doing more Hindi films.

RRR offer came as a shock

When asked about how he got the offer of RRR, Charan says "I was about to take a flight with my wife and we were getting late already. At that moment, Rajamouli called me to meet him for a few minutes. I could not say no to him and left for his house leaving my wife Upasana furious. When I landed there, NTR was also seen in a super excited mode. Rajamouli took us inside and announced the project at once."

I had doubts whether I could pull off the role of Ram

When asked about his reaction to playing Alluri's character, Charan says " I play the role of Ram who is a cop in the British era. He is also Alluri Seetaramaraju. How this aspect is connected is a big suspense. When I heard the character, I was totally tense as to how I would pull off something so hard."

I went like a plain slate to the sets of RRR

When asked about the preparation for his role, Charan says "As I was not confident enough, I put my belief on Rajamouli and went to the sets like an open slate. Rajamouli pushed my limits as an actor and even I was shocked to see my performance in the rushes".


Rajamouli has become this crazy perfectionist

Rajamouli has become this crazy perfectionist

When asked what new he has learned about Rajamouli, Charan says "Post Baahubali, Rajamouli has become this perfectionist. We shot the interval episode for two months and the scene is just 10 minutes in duration. This shows how crazy he is with his shot work and execution. He has showcased me like never before and I am so happy about it.

I ignored Alia most of the time

When asked about sharing screen space with Alia Bhatt, Charan says "I was too tensed to play the role that I use to ignore Alia most the time. Only after a few days, did it sink to me that I was working with Alia Bhatt the star. From there, I was totally awed by her performance. She is the best actress in the country.

Was very disappointed with Zanjeer's failure

When asked about the failure of his Hindi debut Zanjeer, Charan said "I worked so hard on the film and had a great team. The promotions were also done well but somehow the narration of a classic did not click with the audience. I feel that Zanjeer would have done better if it would have been released now".


I am super happy with Allu Arjun's success in Hindi

When asked about Pushpa, Charan says "Allu Arjun has been working hard on himself and has proved himself with Pushpa. I feel he will be an even bigger star post the release of Pushpa 2. In a way, his fan following is something else in the country".


My dad is eagerly waiting to see my performance in RRR

When asked about his dad, Chiranjeevi's reaction to RRR, Charan says "Ever since my dad knew I signed RRR, he did not ask me anything. He just wants to see the film on the big screen and is very eager to see me perform in a Rajamouli film.




I am waiting for Bollywood offers

When asked about doing Hindi films, Ram Charan says "RRR's success will surely change the way Bollywood will look at me. All my upcoming films will release in Hindi as well. But I am waiting for a straight Hindi film offer and would love to a film with Yash Raj, Sajid Nadiadwala, and T series".


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