RRR movie review: Pride Of Indian Cinema

RRR movie review: Pride Of Indian Cinema

RRR movie review: Pride Of Indian Cinema

What: The maverick S.S. Rajamouli has once again delivered a pride for Indian cinema in RRR after the phenomenal Baaahubali. The Ram Charan, Jr.NTR starrer with Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt in special cameo is what an Indian blockbuster should be like.        

Rajamouli is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema. With Baahubali, he proved that he is a master filmmaker who makes larger than life films. His latest presentation is RRR starring NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan. The film is made on a budget of 350 crores and has been released amidst a solid craze. Let's analyze it here.

RRR movie synopsis

The film is based in 1920's British rule. It starts off with the capture of an Adivasi girl by the British. Left with no choice, the hero of the Adivasis, Bheem (Jr. NTR) enters the scene and starts on a journey to bring back the girl. He meets Ram (Ram Charan) who is a British soldier and is on a personal mission against the British. But the fact is that Bheem and Ram do not know about each other's goals in life. How they come to know the truth, turn into enemies and finally reunite for one cause is basically the storyline of RRR.


RRR movie review


Rajamouli's films are always high on emotions and the same happens in RRR as well. The patriotic emotions on one side and the inner turmoil that Ram Charan and NTR's characters face is brought brilliantly by the director Rajamouli.

To meet the expectations of the fans, Rajamouli designs the heroes' entries in such a way that the fans get goose bumps filled moments to the fullest. Be it the entry of Ram Charan hitting the crowd or Jr.NTR's mega entry with a Tiger, Rajamouli scores brownie points here.

Also, the manner in which Rajamouli makes the two heroes meet and develop their friendship is so good to see. The icing on the cake is the interval episode which is the best part of the film. The manner in which the two heroes take on each other sets the tone for the second half in a stunning manner.

The film is not short of demerits. The episode of Ajay Devgan does not gel that well in the narrative and looks a bit rushed. The same is the case with the climax of the film as well. But all these small aspects are put aside as the major emotions, star power and action episodes keep you thoroughly entertained.

Comparing RRR to Baahubali will be an injustice as the latter had top class visuals and a powerful villain which is missing in this case. RRR has a simple story and the British do not seem to be strong villains here. Once again, such issues don't matter as Rajamouli runs through our emotions by keeping them high.


Performances - Ram Charan

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RRR is filled with action packed episodes and solid performances. Ram Charan is given an intense role and he excels completely. He is a man on mission and hides a lot of emotions within himself. Ram Charan mostly emotes with his eyes and brings out his intense avatar in all the emotional scenes. The way he acts in the introduction scene is superb and shows what a solid performer he is turning out to be.


Performances - Jr. NTR

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Jr. NTR is on a wild ride in this film. As Rajamouli has worked with him in a number of films, he showcases Jr. NTR in a powerful manner. NTR unleashes his beastly avatar as Bheem and is amazing in all the action episodes. One scene where he is forced to kneel down in front of the British is the highlight and the way Jr.NTR goes about it is superb.


Performances - Alia Bhatt

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Alia Bhatt plays a key supporting role and does not have much to do in the film. Still, she gets enough chances to create her own space.

Performances - Ajay Devgn

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Ajay Devgan comes in the flashback episodes of the film and shows his intent right from the first scene. However, one would get a feeling that his episode could have been narrated in a more effective manner. The supporting cast who played the British soldiers are not that great.



Rajamouli's films are always high on technical standards and the same is the case with RRR as well. The film has lavish visuals and cameraman Senthil makes sure that he presents the period drama in the best way possible. The art direction by Sabu Cyril is also top notch as the sets laid for the British Empire look breathtaking.

The VFX used, animals created are fantastic nd give a realistic feel. The dialogues are amazing and have an underlying emotion that drives the film. The production design, costumes used and the various weapons showcased give an authentic feel for the film. Editing could have been better in the second half. The production values are amazing as the money spent is clearly visible.


Final words

All in all, RRR will surely be the pride of Indian cinema and will give scope for many more multi-starrers in the days to come. Rajamouli makes sure that he packs the film with enough elements that the fans and general audience will cherish throughout. The film has taken a staggering start and will grow bigger in the days to come due to its sheer star power and magnanimity.


Rating : 4/5

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