Laal Singh Chaddha: “I am very different from Tom Hanks” says Aamir Khan

Laal Singh Chaddha: “I am very different from Tom Hanks” says Aamir Khan

Laal Singh Chaddha: “I am very different from Tom Hanks” says Aamir Khan

Finally, the senior most of the Khan trinity – Aamir Khan opens up on his most ambitious Laal Singh Chaddha.

The most awaited Indian adaptation of the cult 1994 American film Forrest Gump – the comedy-drama directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Eric Roth.

Based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom, Forrest Gump starred Tom Hanks in lead.

Laal Singh Chaddha is directed by Advait Chandan and the screenplay is written by Eric Roth and adapted by Atul Kulkarni.

Laal Singh Chaddha stars Aamir Khan in lead along with Kareena Kapoor, Naga Chaitanya (in his Hindi film debut) and Mona Singh.

Aamir Khan in a candid conversation shares his anxiety, expresses hope, and answers queries, about the film, his role and more.

Why this title Laal?

It’s a very loving name. Maa apne bachche ko bolti hai ,’Laal” So this title Laal Singh Chaddha.

How has your relationship with your mother been?

My relationship with Ammi has been the same as Laal’s relationship that’s why I could relate to the film. I have learnt a lot in life because of her. She was my learning. She has watched Laal Singh and has loved the film.

What qualities of Laal have impressed you and you would like to keep it with you?

I hope to keep certain qualities of Laal. He is very innocent, he doesn’t complain, he knows how to leave the past behind. His mother has taught him that. A lot of us don’t accept that. We keep feeling bad whatever has happened with us. Laal has an amazing quality; he observes all the miseries and moves ahead in life. He knows how to deal with loss. He never looks behind.

How were you in real life as an 18 year old?

Actually in comparison with Laal, I was very different while I was 18. I had done backstage and my passion towards cinema was different unlike Laal. He is very simple.

What were the challenges that you faced while doing Laal Singh Chaddha?

There were challenges during the run sequences which took more than one and a half months. We travelled a lot for one and half months. The characters span from 18 to 20, 25 to 26, 30 to 45 and then 50 years. And I am 57 years old. Red Chillies have done an amazing job with the de-ageing their technical team has been excellent but mentally it’s different. I have tried my best. We have put in a lot of hard work for the film. Putting up as an 18 year old was very difficult for me. I tried my best. Let’s see how the audiences will like it. Hoping for the best.

Did you meet Tom Hanks?

I met him once but I didn’t get to talk to him. A lot of people have compared us and told me that we look so much similar. It was then I started looking at him carefully. But for me our faces differ.


Association with Kareena Kapoor

Association with Kareena Kapoor

I always felt Kareena is a fantastic character. I watched her for the first time in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and I loved her in that. She is highly talented.  Then I did 3 Idiots and Talaash with her.  She gets into the character completely. She is a lovely human being. We got along very well. She’s wonderful and a fantastic actress. She bullies me a lot. I told her to watch the film but she said she will watch it after the release. She hasn’t seen the film but she keeps giving me a lot of instructions.

You made Kareena also audition for the role in Laal Singh Chaddha?

I told Kareena we wanted to see how she looks for the film. After we did a reading with her we realized that she is absolutely bang on for the role.

Did you not desire to direct this film as well?

No, I felt if I could only act well. Doing both I cannot do justice to both. Advait has done a wonderful job so it's a difficult job. This is his second film. I feel proud of the film we have set out to make. He has taken to the port meticulously.

Why do you think people aren’t watching films in theatres nowadays like they did earlier?

Because of Covid films were releasing on OTT. So people want to watch it at home. Everyone feels why go to the theatres as films OTT are premiered very soon after it’s released in the theatres. Yes, my films don’t premiere soon on OTT. We make such an agreement and fix a difference and a later date may be after a few months. Indeed I want audiences to watch my film in theatres and enjoy the theatrical feel. We make films for theatres ...smiles.

Would you act/direct any OTT project?

If it is worthwhile content that is in series like for season and so on. Anything in singular if I am making a film then I would prefer making it for a film only.


On box office pressure and clash with Akshay Kumar's Raksha Bandhan


Do you have some pressure as is releasing in theatres and recent Bollywood biggies like Prithviraj and Shamshera have been disasters at the B.O?

Yeah...We honestly wish our film is successful and want it to be watched by many people. Also audiences should love it. Thoda pressure toh rehta hi hai...I hope audiences come to watch LSC in cinema halls. We have all worked very hard making this film.

But do you think audiences prefer to watch films on OTT as the ticket rates have also increased?

Yeh mere haath mein nahi hota hai.Pata nahi aap log yeh sawal mujh se kyun puchte ho? The ticket rates are decided by the exhibitors; it's their prerogative.

Laal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan are clashing at the B.O on August 11 2022, what do you have to say?

I have watched Raksha Bandhan’s trailer and liked it. Both the films should do well however I am of the opinion that pehle bhi toh hamari 2/3 filmen ek sath release hoti aayi hai .Films are made and ready to release and according to the availability films will release. so Hoping that their film and our film run successfully.



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