The Boys Season 3 review : It’s gory, satirical, witty and oh so interesting

The Boys Season 3 review : It’s gory, satirical, witty and oh so interesting

The Boys Season 3 review : It’s gory, satirical, witty and oh so interesting

What: The Boys Season 3- In the past few years, superhero films have gained a lot of fan following and people throng theatres to watch them. A lot of series have been made on superheroes as well and people love to see the good old fashioned storylines of the fights between the good and the evil. The Boys, a satirical and dark take on superheroes is one of the most watched and loved shows on Amazon Prime. The season 3 episodes dropped recently and opened to much fan frenzy.

OTT web series The Boys Story so far

The Boys is set in a fictional world where the leads are recognized by the common people as superheroes. However, outside of their superhero persona they are all vain, arrogant and obnoxious and dealing with several personal issues. The Boys are lead by Butcher who hates all people with superhero powers and The Seven are lead by Homelander. Billy hates Homelander because he believes that Homelander is behind the disappearance of his wife.




OTT web series The Boys Story Season 3 synopsis

The Vought the main organization that controls the lives of The Boys and The Seven is back to their dirty old ways. The superheroes are also back to abusing their super powers for doing evil deeds and The Boys have to now embark upon a thrilling quest to expose them and their dirty secrets.

This season starts off from the cliffhanger of the second season. It has been a year of calmness, as Homelander is leading a subdued existence. Butcher is now employed by the government but both of them haven’t yet given up the idea of crossing each other’s path and destroying each other. We find out that there is a new entity called The Anti-Supe, a mysterious force which brings The Boys face-to-face with The Seven and they soon find themselves chasing the legend of the first superhero- Soldier Boy



OTT web series The Boys Story Season 3 review

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OTT web series The Boys Story Season 3 review

Billy Butcher and Homelander pretty much drive the entire storyline in all three seasons, but the opening episodes of season 3 have offered a lot of scope of development for some of the other characters. The other characters have been given satisfying and logical back stories and story arcs as well as the main characters. There are a lot of issues which we deal with in season 3 such as how do good people defeat evil and how do superheroes stop themselves from turning evil in order to defeat evil! Phew, that is quite the millennial conundrum. We are introduced to Soldier Boy, quite early on in the show, a Captain America inspired character that is well, a bit politically incorrect at times. But hey, the show’s crux is satire. There are lots of gore and bloody battles, more than the previous seasons but they all make up for a delectable watch. The theme is bitter and dark and season 3 also doesn’t stray away from its central theme.



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Karl Urban as Butcher is simply diabolical and jaw-droopingly good as is Anthony Starr as Homelander. But the surprise package of season 3 is Jensen Eckles as Soldier Boy, who is racist, homophobic and the perfect mirror to everything that is wrong with the tad Americans. Claudia Doumit as the sinister Congresswoman Victoria Newman is also a pleasure to watch.


Technical Aspects

As the series is positioned to be an antidote to the superhero films, we see a lot of CGI and VFX for some of the fight sequences. This season has a lot of blood and violence, which you might be inundated with if you don’t have the stomach for it. The dialogues are witty, funny, dark and we feel the characters have been written with a lot of tongue-in-cheek perspectives.


Final Thoughts

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You have loved Superman, Ironman, Antman and Captain America. What if you get to see their lives from a different perspective? What if you get a sneak peek into how superheroes are in their real lives or how they navigate their human emotions? The Boys offers an interesting perspective to the flipsides of being superheroes and trying to be good and be a savior at all times. It shows you a more humane side to the lives of superheroes. It is dark and gritty and will keep you entertained and wanting for more.



Rating : 3.5/5

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