Rana Daggubati : Telugu films will rule Indian cinema

Rana Daggubati : Telugu films will rule Indian cinema

Rana Daggubati : Telugu films will rule Indian cinema

Rana Daggubati is high on the success of his latest film Bheemla Nayak. In a detailed interview, he speaks about his health scare, career options, OTT dominance in Bollywood, his wife Miheeka, and growth of Telugu cinema.

I never expected such praise for my performance in Bheemla Nayak

Rana is known to have this action image in his film career. But the actor in him was lost somewhere. But in Bheemla Nayak Rana was hugely praised for his performance. "I am overwhelmed with the response to my film. It has been a gratifying experience to work on Bheemla Nayak. I took this role as a challenge and gave my best. I knew the film would click but never expected such a warm appreciation" says Rana.

Working with Pawan Kalyan is an unforgettable experience

Rana has worked with the likes of Pawan Kalyan for the first time. When asked about his working experience, Rana says "I hardly met Pawan Kalyan once or twice. He is a huge star and why he is so popular, I only understood when I worked with him on Bheemla Nayak. He is quite a silent person but took care of me as a younger brother. Working with him was an unforgettable experience".


My father's reaction on Bheemla Nayak was priceless


When asked about the best compliment he received for Bheemla Nayak, Rans says "My father has only appreciated me once in my career and it was for Baahubali. Now, for the second time, he loved Bheemla Nayak and said that my performance was quite satisfying. That is the best compliment I got so far in my life.

Due to my health I lost out on big films

Rana has had a health scare as he had issues with his kidney. He went to the US and got treated for the same. When asked about the same Rana says, "I had the worst time of my life. But I stuck it out somehow and the prayers of my family made me come out of it. Due to my illness, I also lost a number of big films. But that's how life is and I have no regrets"


My married life is a perfect bliss

Rana Daggubati got married during the Covid lockdown and not much was known about his wedding to Miheeka Bajaj. When asked how his marital life is as of now, Rana says "I am in a chilled out zone and am at peace with myself now. My life is filled with happiness and I don't have to worry about anything else other than concentrating on my film career".


Telugu films will rule Indian cinema

Rana's film Baahubali put Telugu films on the Indian map. When asked about the future of Telugu cinema, Rana says, "Pushpa has changed the dynamics and RRR will only cement Telugu cinema's position in the country. In the next two years, Telugu films will rule Indian cinema and more stars will have pan-India releases".


I know I am not the typical hero material

Rana has done films mostly as a character actor. He does not have many films as a lead. When asked if he feels bad, Rana says "I know I am not a typical hero material. I started out with the intention of not doing the regular song and dance routine. Things have worked for me only when I have done character roles. I started that trend years back in Telugu and now everyone is following it".


Working with my uncle Venkatesh is a dream come true moment


Rana's Netflix show also marks the entry of star hero Venkatesh to the OTT world. Rana has been paired with his uncle for the first time and is quite thrilled about it. "It has been a dream come true moment to work with my uncle. I am learning so much from him on the shoots and he will shock one and all with his role." says Rana.

OTT is the future

Rana is making his debut on OTT with a Netflix series. When asked about why he chose to do a web series, Rana says "OTT is the future now. Some of the biggest stars in the country will be doing OTT shows in the next two years". My own production house, Suresh Productions, is also making three to four OTT projects. Covid lockdown has changed the way we see content. Films will survive but OTT will be huge” says Rana.


About future Projects in Bollywood

Rana's Netflix show is being shot in Hindi as well and Rana says that he has signed one biggie and the details will be out in May this year. In Telugu, he has Virata Parvam ready for a release as of now. He plays a naxalite in this film.

I want to people to speak about me even after the film ends

Rana is signing films very carefully. When asked how he is planning his future projects, Rana says that he wants to do roles which the audience speaks about even after coming out of the theater. "I am trying so many different roles. Playing the typical hero material is out of fashion now and only characters will be remembered in history and I want to be one of them".






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