Besharam Rang: Film maker Mani Kapur on the cirkus behind Deepika Padukone’s bikini, the karma, dharama and kukarma of Bollywood

Besharam Rang: Film maker Mani Kapur on the cirkus behind Deepika Padukone’s bikini, the karma, dharama and kukarma of Bollywood

Besharam Rang: Film maker Mani Kapur on the cirkus behind Deepika Padukone’s bikini, the karma, dharama and kukarma of Bollywood

It’s more than a week since the controversial song from Pathaan - Besharam Rang is in news for all the good, bad, ugly and weird reasons.

The song Besharam Rang featuring Deepika Padukone showing her curves and other assets in those bikini’s along with King Khan Shah Rukh Khan showing his chiseled physique has ran into huge controversy.

Blockbuster filmmaker – producer, director, writer, Mani Kapoor is furious about this whole cirkus (sorry – Circus- Rohit Shetty ki spelling not mine).

The blockbuster filmmaker Mani Kapur wants to express and give some important and vital gyan (knowledge) on whatever is going on ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ by highlighting the more relevant and most important core issue by standing at the ‘centre’ by speaking loud and clear.

Dropping the idea of expressing in social media, Mani Kapur opts for his favorite way – approaching the media and rings his favrorite – the infamous scoop hunter Chingari Kumar from the controversial film magazine filmy imli.

Here in the conversation with Chingari Kumar, Mani Kapoor spills his beans as he highlights the blue, yellow, orange and green in the world of Bollywood and more…


CK: Chingari Kumar. MK: Mani Kapoor

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MK calls CK, the cell of CK rings – the song Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua from the ultimate disaster as a film Dilwale (2015) by Rohit Shetty starring SRK and Kajol is the caller tune of CK. CK is in the middle of a fake Dada Saheb Phalke award, he cuts the phone but immediately comes out from the hall and calls back.

Cell of MK rings, Chingari koi bhadke, toh sawaan use bhujaye is the caller tune of MK.

MK picks up the phone

MK in Sanjay Mishra ishtyle from Golmaal : Chingari, phone kyu nahi uthayaaa.. whyyy.. kyuuu..

CK in Amol Plaekar ishtyle : Arre sir, yeh kya toh bhi Dada Saheb Phalkhe Award ki press conference mein tha..

MK : Dada Saheb Phalke…areey yeh to I&B ministry announce karti hai.. tum bhi kya fake awards or Bolywood fakers ke chungal (web) mein involve ho rahe ho…

CK: Sir.. maloom hai fake hai.. expose karna hai toh maloom toh karna padega ki kitne pani mein yeh log.

MK : kar kar jaroor kar, expose kar in fakers ko.. par pehle first mujhe quote kar…

CK : Sarkar.. aap hi ne humein banaya hai… yeh sab aap ki maya hai…

MK : Aree kya maya.. yaha toh chaya hua hai shaitaan ka saya

CK : What happened sirji now.. you seem to be upset.

MK : upset. Mighty upset. Mera bas chale toh mein Amitabh Bachchan starrer Inqulaab ke climax ki tarah yeh sab ko ek saath shoot kar daalu…

CK: chill chill sirji.. aap itne jolly good very good person ho… such aggression doesn,t suit you sirji. Thandi lassi mangao.. thand paao. Waise kisko shoot karne ki baaat kar rahe ho..

MK: Yeh Besharam Rang waalo ko..

CK: Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan inko…

MK: abbey nahi yaar..tu bhi duffer hi nikla.

CK: please explain..

MK : I will.

MK : I want to punish Vishal Dadlani, Sheykhar Ravjiani from the Vishal Shekhar music duo, the lyricist Kumaar, Singers - Shilpa Rao, Caralisa Monteiro, Vishal and Sheykhar.  The costume designer Shaleena Nathani and choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant.

CK: you forgot Deepika Padukone (the orange dress controversy), SRK (a death threat has been issued) and Yash Raj Films the producer.

MK: will come to SRK, Deepika, YRF later, first the reason behind Vishal Shekhar and co.

CK: go ahead.. shoot..



The music directors – Vishal and Sheykhar ya Shekhar (why don’t they stick to one spelling yaar). Actually music fakers, copy cats, the main beat of ‘Besharam Rang’ is copied from ‘Makeba’ by a French artist by the name Jain. Makeba was released in 2015.

And that’s not all, the same song by Jain was used in Levi’s® "Circles" Commercial. Deepika has done Levis ad in India. Ab kisne kisko idea diya is a mystery.

Hamein To Loot Liya Milke Husn Walon Ne

And that’s not all, the same song by Jain was used in Levi’s® "Circles" Commercial. Deepika has done Levis ad in India. Ab kisne kisko idea diya is a mystery.

Still the story is not over, the lyricist Kumaar, has lifted the words from the  Qawwali - Hamein To Loot Liya Milke Husn Walon Ne from the 1958 movie Al Hilal that starred Mahipal and Shakila. The qawwali is sung by Ismail Azad Qawwal, music is given by Bulo C. Rani and the lyricist Shevan Rizvi has also written memorable songs like Dil ki awaj bhi sun from Humsaya (1968) sung by Mohammad Rafi filmed on Joy Mukherjee and music is given by O. P. Nayyar. And Woh haseen dard de do sung by Asha Bhosle from the same movie.

The singers Shilpa Rao, Caralisa Monteiro are not much to be blamed but the music duo Vishal and Sheykhar jumped here as well to give that Spanish part.


Shaleena Nathani

Costume designer Shaleena Nathani has come up with such costumes for Deepika Padukone. There are ways of presenting Oomph but here the focus seems to be showing the toned curves and assets of Deepika Padukone rather than following the lyrics.


Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant

Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant for such choreography is this a dance or something else, no surprise the whole world is making memes of that Deepika’s particular move. That particular portion of choreography is cheap.


What about Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan and YRF?

MK: Whatever costume has been given to you, whatever dance moves you have been asked to do, before being a celebrity, an artiste, you are a human, the desperation of Deepika Padukone has come to this level, she is a graceful fine actress, the amazing actress of Padmavat, Piku etc doesn’t need a Besharam Rang to be in limelight. Is she in competition with her husband Ranveer Singh who posed in under garments from such an angle that he appeared almost nude?.

Shah Rukh Khan who is mostly a spectator till that last act that has got the world fuming, talks about love, family and all. He knows very well what is happening around but men will be men what say..


The banner which was once famous for karva chauth and syrupy romance and Switzerland till Yash Raj was alive is now rotting with its weird, agenda driven cinema like Shamshera, pathetic cinematic sense and knowledge of the great Indian history and making a caricature of an icon like Prithviraj Chauhan. What a shame.

CK: but sirji, what is the saaza, punishment, boycott them na..

MK : Hear me out carefully now.

CK : Ji sir. Full attention.

MK : Apart from these self centered desperados like Deepika, SRK and YRF, the industry has dedicated people working for their livelihood. So banning/boycotting a film for an irresponsible and indecent act of the main leads should not affect the other honest cast and crew. Protest of Besharam Rang is right but focus should be more on the plagiarism and horrendous creation of the song.

Let the movie earn, loose on its merit as a movie, the public in general should file a petition asking the I&B Ministry to disregard such production house, don,t grant them permission to shoot and take necessary legal actions.

The associations of actors, musicians, costume designers, singers, lyricist, choreographers etc should come together with the true and honest producers/filmmakers and stop giving work to such desperados who steep such low in the name of creativity. If such is the mind set then these lot can make those erotic Adult movies designed for titillation. There is an audience for every stuff. It’s up to you as an artiste, creator who you want to be your audience. Earn money is not important, earning with dignity is more important. Earn by showcasing your talent or your body it’s your choice. How Deepika Padukone wants to remember herself as actress of Piku, Padmavaat or the bikini clad Besharam Rang. How SRK wants to remember himself Chak De, Swadesh, Dear Zindagi, DDLJ, Hmmmmm. How YRf wants to be known now the makers of Shamshera, Samrat Prithiviraj, Pathaan or the makers of Chak De, DDLJ, Sultan, Dhoom, Tiger Zinda Hai, Daag, Kabhi Kabhi, Chandni, Lamhe, Darr, Veer Jara, Band Baja Baaarat, Mardaani etc.




Disclaimer: The above write up is a light-hearted take and is a figment of imagination of the author. The author has no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. The website does not hold any responsibility)


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